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Surprise!  You’ve just landed on the library’s newly redesigned webpage!

We want you to know that the library is about so much more than books.   Have you noticed that library logos of the past often featured a rendering of the building?  Look at the new logo: No architecture and not just a picture of books.   You also see an e-reader, a book on CD, a DVD, or a playaway audiobook.  Our public library is a 24/7 operation serving the community with instant messaging, social networks, and digital downloads as well as the traditional services the library has always provided.

Our reader’s advisory service is a good example.  In computer-speak  we casually use the term “portal.” The Readers section of truly is that:  a gateway, a grand entrance to an array of delights for the avid reader.  Downloadable eBooks and audiobooks are one click away.  We’ve assembled several lists to keep you informed and reading.  Click on any of the following, and you’ll be a jump or two away from all you need to know about the chosen title: description, availability, location.

Best of all, we’ve updated how we recommend books to you.  You don’t need to come into the library – Just take ten minutes to fill out the BookMatch survey and you’ll receive an annotated list of books tailored to your personal tastes.  For discussion groups we offer BookMatch for Groups, an aid to selecting titles for book clubs that works very similarly to our regular BookMatch survey. Just fill it out, and you’ll get a custom list of recommendations sent right to you!

We hope you’ll like the site’s crisp new look as well as its simplicity and efficiency.  And by the way, we still have lots of books.

-Eileen H., Adult Department Librarian

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