What’s your first name and school?:  Maddie Hadley Jr. High

What are you reviewing?: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

What did you review? : A book

What did you like about it? : I liked how there was a lot of humor throughout the book. Also that I like how the characters, Bryce and Julianna, switched narrating each chapter. Another thing that I liked was that Julianna liked Bryce, but Bryce did not like Julianna and Julianna tried very hard to get Bryce to like her. The book really kept me wanting to read more. I would love if the author, Wendy Van Draanen would make a sequel to this great book.

Who would like this? : Someone who likes comedy

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it? : I loved it

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