Pretty Little Liars

What’s your first name and school?: Grace, Hadley

What are you reviewing?: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

What did you review? : A book

What did you like about it? : I like Pretty Little Liars because it had something in it for everyone. The main characters personalities are all so different. There is a sporty girl, a brainy girl, a beauty queen, and a hipster. They all had their own personal lives which were very relateable. They each had their own secret in which they are trying to hide. But someones out to get them. They each get notes, emails, and texts threatening to reveal their secrets or do something that can be in danger to their lives. The book is suspenseful and mysterious and get more interesting as the series (8 books) goes on.

Who would like this? : ABC Family, The Clique, The Lying Game

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it? : I Loved It

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