Find Out Whodunnit at the Library on July 11

GEPL News Black BannerHollywood Homicide * Wednesday, July 11 * 7-8 pm * Meeting Rooms A&B

Do you fancy yourself as a mystery reader able to quickly figure out “who done it?” Are you hooked on TV’s Law and Order or Sherlock?  Then Hollywood Homicide: An Interactive Murder Mystery is a perfect evening of entertainment for you.  This fast-paced mystery game will be coming to the Library on July 11 at 7 pm.

The mystery begins with an auction in which you bid with fake money.  Your financial success depends upon how astutely you bid and how well your investment fares.  As the success of failure of each investment is revealed, more facts about a recent murder will surface.

With your fake money as capital in the game, you will play the part of a producer, director, actress of actor in a movie.  If it’s a success, you can get many times the return on your investment. You don’t just watch this performance – you experience it though total audience participation. But one thing is certain – a murder has been committed and you’re involved.  Can you figure out the prime suspect?

Join us for a great summer evening of entertainment. Two professional actors will lead the group in the quest to bring the “killer” to justice.  This program is free but please sign up online or by calling 630-790-6630.

-Ann M., Adult Programming Coordinator

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