Library Awarded Earth Flag Certification

The Glen Ellyn Public Library has been awarded a flag as part of the Earth Flag Certification Program run by  SCARCE, a local sustainability organization. Our flag was awarded at the June 2012 Board of Trustees meeting. Scroll down to learn about the steps the library took to earn this certification. The flag will hang in front of the library on an ongoing basis as a badge of honor for our green efforts.

GEPL Librains Presented With SCARCE Earth Flag At Board Meeting

SCARCE Earth Flag Certification Requirements

Green Audit

Schedule a time for SCARCE to come and perform a green audit with your company’s Green Team. This is a process in which the SCARCE consultant and green team members tour your office or facility to observe how you manage the building site, energy, water, materials, cleaning products and other potential indoor air hazards. Then, the Green Team receives a written report with a summary of successfully implemented green initiatives, along with recommendations for important “next steps” to consider. After the Green Audit, a meeting with the Green Team is recommended. If your company does not have a Green Team established, we can help! The meeting involves reviewing the Green Audit, applauding what’s working well and discussing which green initiatives to tackle next.

Staff Training Presentation

In this step of the certification process, 75% of the staff should be present for the best results. SCARCE comes to your office and educates the staff on the Earth Flag Certification program, recycling, energy & water conservation, etc. Training is very important to the Earth Flag program, because employees have to understand the What, Why, and How of what they’re being asked to do. They also have to see that their managers are behind this!

Ongoing recycling program

Your organization must have a working recycling program in place to qualify for the Earth Flag. If you do not, SCARCE can help you get one going!

Sponsor a waste or energy reduction activity

There are a number of ways in which your organization can fulfill this step, such as hosting a community recycling extravaganza, collecting cell phones, or doing a gym shoe collection for dropoff at SCARCE during the month-long program next Spring. SCARCE can help with ideas and organizing.

Volunteer at a community event that benefits the environment

There are a number of community events and opportunities year-round in which your organization can participate in. For more information or assistance with this requirement, please contact SCARCE.

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