Reading is Boring!

Is that a familiar cry at your place as summer vaults on and swimming, baseball and TV have more appeal for the relaxing mind? Here are some tips to keep Summer Reluctant Readers in top form for next fall! Check any of these out at Glen Ellyn Public Library.

Kid Reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid To Adult

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  • Librarians know books and kids. Sometimes just the suggestion from a different adult can sell a book a parent can’t. Best of all is when the child comes on his or her own and asks, but parents often stop by and take some recommendations home.
  • Read along with a CD. Any difficult words will be easier and the interesting narrator voices will keep readers engaged. Or get a CD for the family to start together in the car. Then have the book ready to read all set to go.
  • Magazines have short articles on specific topics from yukky bugs to basketball tips! Magazines  seem more approachable and will fill a short interest span.
  • How about a book “everyone” is reading?  Try one of the Monarch, Bluestem or Caudill books that other kids will be reading to vote on in the fall.
  • Graphic novels are not comic books! They require a different kind of reading, but it is reading and helps over the summer slump.
  • Choose information books. Fiction is fine, but many times those reading above grade levels prefer fact-filled books. Ties them to the fiction they are reading: books on Greek history and gods with Percy Jackson. Or get some books on the vacation location or favorite school subject or sports tips.
  • Adult attention is still most important. Read books together, every other page or paragraph or check out two copies and read the same book. Make reading a family priority on the back porch or by the pool.

It’s a little more work than popping in another video, but worth the effort when school starts. All too soon!

-Robin C., Early Literacy Librarian

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