Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Flooding 2013

GEPL News Black BannerWhat happened and why is there damage on the 1st floor?

We had approximately 4.5 feet of flood water in the subbasement mechanical room. The water arrived as the motors on both sump pumps burned out. The sewage pumps in the basement struggled to pump  water until the motors on both pumps burned out. Water also accumulated on the northside of the building and poured into the air intake well. The water rose past the thresholds of the emergency doors and entered under two of the three doors on the northside of the building. Additionally, the sewer backed up through the floor drains and toilets in some areas of the first floor. Village stormwater and sewer systems were full. We simply received too much water too quickly for systems to handle.

Will insurance cover the costs of cleanup and repair?

The Library does have flood and sewer backup coverage that will assist in paying for the cleanup and repairs necessary. We have also applied for IEMA Disaster funds. Any remaining expenses will be paid using special reserve maintenance and repair funds held by the Library.

Was Library material damaged or lost?

No Library materials were damaged or lost during the flood. Friends of the Glen Ellyn Public Library materials in the basement were also spared.

When will restoration be completed?

The elevators, plumbing, electrical systems and fire panel are all in working order. The heating system still requires work and it may take several weeks before those repairs are completed. The Library Board met on Monday, April 29th to discuss the best way to proceed with restoration of drywall, insulation, carpet, etc. in both the basement and the 1st floor areas. The basement drywall and insulation will be restored soon. The Board will hold another Special Meeting on May 14th to further discuss the best way to proceed with 1st floor restorations.

What will be done to prevent this from happening again?

Several ideas are being investigated, possibly a retaining wall around the air intake grate, additional pumping capability, drainage from the north side of the building to the parking lot. First we need to finish restoration then we can look at future prevention.

If you have other questions, please contact Library Director, Dawn Bussey at 630-790-6760 or

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