Import Your Library Card (And All Your Loyalty Cards) Directly Onto Your Phone

GEPL News Black BannerAre you tired of having your wallet or purse cluttered with countless loyalty, membership, and rewards cards?

Now, the Glen Ellyn Public Library offers staff and patrons the opportunity to consolidate all of your cards (including your GEPL library card) onto your mobile device with the CardStar app!

What is CardStar and How Does It Work?

CardStar is a mobile app allowing you to import all your loyalty cards into one space-saving location.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can import the barcode of each loyalty card directly into your phone. Then, when you go to the store (or the library) instead of shuffling through a disorganized stack of cards in your wallet, you can now open the CardStar app, open your loyalty card barcode, and present your phone to the clerk.

Visit today and get started!

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