GEPL Hosts Program to Help College Grads Repay Student Loans

GEPL News Black BannerThe average college graduate has accumulated $26,000 in student loans and must divert funds away from retirement savings and car and home purchases in order to meet monthly payments.

The Glen Ellyn Public Library has organized a program called Still Paying for Your Student Loans? intended to help student borrowers take control of their student loan debt. This informative workshop will be hosted by Partners of Achievement,  a college and career consulting firm whose mission is to empower individuals to create affordable plans to pay back their student loans.

During Still Paying for Your Student Loans? bowers will learn how to avoid pitfalls that could negatively impact their financial futures.

Still Paying for Your Student Loans? is scheduled at 7pm on October 9 at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. To register click here.

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