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Teens Blog Orange BlogThanksgiving is almost here!  I realize this may be unpopular, since gifts and lights are pretty fantastic, but I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s hard to beat a whole holiday basically devoted to food (and, in my family at least, a lot of laughter and chaos).  But since “because food” is not very convincing, here are my top five reasons why Thanksgiving is the BEST holiday:

1.) Cranberry sauce!  I realize this falls under “food,” but this is the one food that I really don’t get a chance to eat any other time of the year.  We (which actually means my mom) make it from scratch every year and I eat it on everything Thanksgiving day.  Rolls, turkey, mashed potatoes…sometimes even with my sweet potatoes.

2.) No pressure.  Like I hinted at before, I also love December holidays, but there is quite a bit of pressure associated with gift-giving holidays.  For instance, I have one friend who is incredibly amazingly awesome at giving gifts.  This is great when I’m getting one from her, but dang it’s tough finding something good enough to give her.  There is none of that pressure associated with Thanksgiving.  The only pressure on Thanksgiving is on the waistband of my pants.

3.) Sleeping in (or, turkey trots!)  It is always satisfying to sleep in on what ought to be a school or work day and wake up – if you’re lucky – to a kitchen that already smells fantastic.  As for turkey trots…obviously this only applies if you actually like running.  But I love getting up, even if it’s unreasonably early, and getting out and moving and earning that turkey.

4.) The parade.  Cheesy, yes.  Completely culturally irrelevant, yes.  But the festive noises on in the background, plus the occasionally hilarious floats and balloons, definitely help get the holiday mood going.

5.) Lower stakes = less disappointment.  How sad is it when – it seems almost every year these days – December is bleak and dreary and barely even snowy.  Your holiday gifts are lame.  None of the lights in your neighborhood are quite as awesome as you promised your friend.  There are so many expectations for the perfect holiday that the disappointment is harder to take.  But for Thanksgiving, the expectations are basically just food, family and (usually) football.  Pretty easy to make sure those things happen.

But of course, I could just be talking nonsense.  Am I right?  Is Thanksgiving really the best holiday?  And how many great reasons for loving Thanksgiving am I missing?

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