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Teens Blog Orange BannerOnce again, I’ve chosen a book display that in retrospect seems a little odd for me personally.  While I do have many musical loves, and many many years of piano lessons behind me, I am not what you would think of as a “music person.”  I have never made friends with a person over music like Eleanor and Park do with each other.  I have never been so passionate about music that I would give up everything for my craft like Jace in Stringz.  I have never had even a little desire to be a DJ – in the club or radio sense – like Elise in This Song Will Save Your Life or Gabe in Beautiful Music for Ugly Children.

But music and musicians, even for us non-“music people” can be a powerful thing.  Music can articulate things that can’t be said.  It can reach a part of us that no words or gestures can.  So in all the books featured in the Music and Music Lovers display, music plays a key role in people’s lives and loves.  Sometimes this role is extremely obvious, like for Lucy Beck-Moreau in The Lucy Variations, whose entire family revolves around the musical talents of Lucy and her younger brother.  Music’s influence is more subtle for people like Remy in This Lullaby, whose only connection to her dead father is a song he wrote for her without ever having seen her.  But in all these books, music often heals, sometimes hurts and always profoundly influences the characters.

So create great playlist, or use these books as a way of discovering new music, and check out one of the books from our Music and Music Lovers display.

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