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Teens Blog Orange BannerSo instead of going all Classics nerd today, I’m going to celebrate being in Greece by highlighting two books and a movie set in Greece – relatively modern Greece too!  Although given how awesome this country is, I’m kind of surprised there weren’t a lot more options to choose from.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares Book CoverThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares – An oldie but still (if your tastes run that way) goodie.  I think everyone knows the basics of the story by now – four very different (and very differently shaped) friends discover a magic pair of jeans at a thrift shop that fits them all perfectly.  They share the jeans around, and as the pants travel, they highlight the adventures and friendships of the four girls – including Lena, who is spending the summer in Greece with her grandparents.

Cruel Summer by Alyson Noel Book CoverCruel Summer by Alyson Noel – Colby is not excited about missing out on what was supposed to be an amazing summer with her friends and an extremely attractive boy.  And she is definitely not excited about having to spend the summer with her crazy Aunt Tally in Greece (I’m assuming because she’s never been to Greece and doesn’t realize how great it is).  But once she is there, she meets a handsome Greek local and things begin to look up.

For Your Eyes Only (Bond Film)For Your Eyes Only (Bond Film) – Starring Roger Moore (not necessarily the worst Bond, but we all know he’s not the best Bond either), For Your Eyes Only is set and filmed largely in Greece.  The plot centers on Bond trying to recover an important piece of British spy equipment before the Soviets.  But of course, like so many Bond movies, the main appeal of this movie is the action and the gorgeous on-location shots in Greece.  (Note: we don’t actually own this DVD at Glen Ellyn, but you can place a hold to quickly get it from one of the other libraries in our system!)

Of course, reading about a place is never quite as good as getting to go, but it’s certainly better than nothing!

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