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Teens Blog Orange BannerAnd today, to wrap up Greece week, the theme is gods, goddesses and heroes!

Ancient Greek and Roman mythology is so much fun.  Gods and goddesses act like spoiled immature brats, but thanks to their immense power, this usually results in ten times the drama, bloodshed and pregnancy of normal immature brat shenanigans.  Even the human heroes from these stories were usually deeply flawed, doing things like leaving the girl they promised to marry on an abandoned island (Theseus, I’m looking at you) or getting their entire ship’s crew killed thanks to being WAY too full of themselves (like Odysseus.)  And the bad guys are even worse – killing children, desecrating corpses, the whole nine yards.  Today’s books showcase some of these classic characters at their best and worst, but always with new twists on these awesome myths.

Antigoddess by Kendare Blake Book CoverAntigoddess by Kendare Blake – The ancient gods are dying in our current times.  Athena is coughing up feathers, Hermes is being devoured by fever and Demeter is stretched so thin her skin makes a desert.  But Athena, Hermes, and a few others are determined to figure out why and prevent their own deaths.  Along the way they will find other gods, heroes and villainous creatures, and their path will lead them to the prophetess Cassandra.  Only Cassandra doesn’t know she is a reincarnation of the famous doomed seer of the past, she thinks she’s just a somewhat psychic but otherwise normal high school student.  Antigoddess is full of macabre imagery, exciting action and fascinating characters (and character development).  Plus, Athena rules.

Everneath by Brodi Ashton Book CoverEverneath by Brodi AshtonEverneath is one of many new novels that uses the myth of Persephone’s abduction by Hades.  When Nikki Beckett is abducted to the mysterious underworld of Everneath, her boyfriend Jack is devastated.  Nikki spends six months in Everneath with the dark and seductive Cole.  And when she finally returns to the surface, she has only six months to spend with Jack before she must return to Everneath…forever.  Nikki must struggle with whether to fight for the surface world and Jack or accept a place in Everneath as Cole’s queen.  With Everneath’s likable characters, shades of other ancient myths and modern twist, you’ll be glad there are two sequels.

 Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett Book CoverDark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett – When Ariadne first meets Theseus, she is immediately drawn to him.  He distracts her from her lonely existence as goddess-in-training, and they soon form a friendship.  But Theseus has come to Krete already condemned to die at the hands of the monstrous creature at the center of the labyrinth – the monstrous creature who is Ariadne’s brother.  While Theseus faces death, Ariadne must make a choice.  The story of Theseus and the Minotaur is one of the most famous Greek myths, and this historical take on it is a fascinating look on where that myth might have come from.

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