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Teens Blog Orange BannerI’m back in the US and finding myself plunged right into the midst of gifting season.  The pressure of gift-giving gets to me sometimes.  Fortunately, there is one thing I can always fall back on – books!  I realize this is a super “librarian” thing to say, but hear me out.  Here are three reasons why books make great gifts.

Puppy Pulling Ribbon Off Christmas Present

1.) Easy to wrap!  This may not seem like much of a reason, but if you had spent most of your life wrapping-impaired like I did, it’s a good one.  I now have a decent reputation in my family for being a decent wrapper.  My secret?  Gift lots of books, and put anything that’s not a book in a bag.  Done!

Kitty Peaking Put Between Books On A Shelf2.) Books are fun to shop for, and it is super easy to get help.  You can browse your library or your local small bookstore – and if you’re a super nerd like me, get all excited about the smell of books and the sight of shelves and shelves of them.  And you can get all kinds of recommendations from the staff.  People who work with books tend to love books (duh).  And since there’s no way you can read or know everything, it’s really useful to have help from people who have read different things and whose job includes reading book reviews and knowing what’s good.  

Two Gerbils, One Wearing Glasses Sitting On A Book3.) There’s one for everyone.  Seriously.  There are so many, many books available that you can find one for everyone in your life.  There’s the how-to for building a fallout shelter to give your survivalist uncle.  There’s big thick paperback fantasy novels for your sister who plays Dungeons & Dragons.  There’s the latest biography of a founding father for your own father.  There’s the beautiful illustrated edition of your mother’s favorite classic.  There’s the paperback of your own favorite dystopian/romance/realistic/fantasy/whatever else novel that you’ve read at the library but still kind of want for yourself.  And on and on and on.  Books are easy and the perfect thoughtful gift for everyone.

And there you go.  Your gift-buying is done, everyone gets what they want, and by the end of the holidays, you’re all as satisfied as this dog:

Sleeping Dog Amongst Pieces of Wrapping Paper

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