Late Night Study at the GEPL!

teens-blog-bannerWell, the relief of the snow days is over, the extra time before finals has almost evaporated, and you all start taking exams on Friday (ugh.)  But the bright side to all this is it means that Thursday night January 16, Tuesday night January 21, and Wednesday night January 22, you can come to late night study at GEPL and make cramming as bearable as humanly possible.  You might even find a little time to have fun while you’re here!

Don’t believe me?  Here are three of the many reasons you should come to GEPL to study for finals!

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1.) We’ll feed you and caffeinate you!  We’ll provide pizza starting at around 5:30 until it’s gone, each night of studying.  We’ll have coffee and other hot drinks for the whole night.  Studying on an uncaffeinated brain and empty stomach is pretty much impossible, so we’ve got you covered.



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2.) We have many of your textbooks available here so you don’t have to lug them, laptops so you don’t have to bring your own, plenty of distractions (mostly in book and internet form) for when you need a study break, and you can work with your friends or on your own, in a quiet environment.  It’s like we created this whole dang library just for studying.



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3.) The library is all yours from 9-10 p.m.  Seriously – only library staff and high school students allowed.  You’ll have all the space in the world to spread out your books and sit with your friends, without any adults or kids taking up space.





Good luck everyone!

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