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I decided to take a slightly different route from my “What I’m Reading Now” posts, and thought I’d try a “What I’m Watching Now” post.  Though since I tend to get invested in entire series at once, and don’t get around to a lot of movies, these will be a little rarer than my reading-focused posts.

What I’m Reading Now: Dr. Who (currently on the first season of the 10th Doctor)

What’s It About (description from IMDB.com): The further adventures of the time traveling alien adventurer and his companions.

Do I Like It: SO much

Thoughts: Well, obviously that description is a little light, so I’ll try and give a quick synopsis of the show.  The Doctor (just “The Doctor”) is a human-looking alien who can travel through space and time in a spaceship that looks like this:

Dr. Who's Box - Police Public Call Box







He periodically regenerates into a new body, which is how he can go from looking like the Ninth Doctor:

Christopher Eccelston - Ninth Dr. Who










To the Tenth Doctor:

David Tennant - Tenth Dr. Who

In just the two seasons I’ve been exposed to.  He takes a human companion or companions on his travel, which is fortunate for us watching, since it gives him somebody to explain every wacky thing that’s happening to.

So…obviously it’s kind of a trippy sci-fi set-up to this show.  Which I love.  I love that we can go from modern-day London to Victorian times to billions of years in the future (and to, apparently – I haven’t gotten to this episode yet – dinosaurs!) with the Doctor and Rose, who is his companion for all the episodes I’ve watched.  It’s so fun to see historical events re-interpreted, to see the weird, and sometimes creepy and/or HILARIOUS, aliens and all these different versions of earth and the universe.

But…what makes Dr. Who so special is the emotional core of it.  The Doctor has been through some stuff.  He’s a complex, complicated guy.  In the re-booted version of the show (from the Ninth doctor onwards) he is the last of his race.  He cares passionately about humans, but he has also seen and done so much more than they could ever comprehend.  He adores Rose, but he can also treat her like a child at times.  He can be a straight-up jerk to some people.

So watching the relationship between the Doctor and his companion grow and change, watching each of them develop on their own, watching them get through tough situations and handle difficult choices – that is what makes the show special.  These emotional and human things that could be present on any show set totally and completely in our reality.  Even though the sci-fi elements certainly help to drive the plot, and add a lot of interesting ideas and situations to the character development, the reason I love this show absolutely comes down to the characters, not the setting.  Though the exciting mysteries and battles on spaceships and stuff certainly help!

Obviously everybody who already watches Dr. Who already knows this, but it’s still new to me.  And I’m LOVING it.

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