GEPL Teens: Announcing Homework Cafe

Teens Blog Orange BannerWhite Coffee Cup On Stack Of BooksNew program announcement!  Late Night Study was awesome you guys.  At least for us.  And I hope, despite the studying, for you all.  You certainly seemed to enjoy it, based on the amount of pizza eaten and hot chocolate drunk.  So much so, that I started thinking it seems unfair to only offer that twice a year.  Plus, I noticed how many teenagers come to the library every day after school, and how you’re usually working your butts off.

So going back to my old “how to make anything in the world better” standby, I decided that hot chocolate and caffeine are obviously the best way to make the daily homework grind better.  So a couple weeks ago, we launched “Homework Café” – your one-stop shop for study space and hot drinks after school.

Every Thursday afternoon from 2:30-4:30, we will be serving coffee and hot chocolate in the Teen Scene for teenagers.  Like Late Night Study, you can take your drink anywhere in the library (as long as it’s covered!) or stay in our awesome teen room to study, chat, or whatever else you’re whiling away your after school time with.

I’m excited that this program has already gone smoothly twice in a row, and I’m looking forward to fulfilling your chocolate and caffeine needs for the rest of the semester!

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