GEPL Teens: Pets and Clothes?

Teens Blog Orange BannerOkay guys, I’m still sick of winter, despite the warmer days, and I think it’s starting to sap my inspiration.  So instead of any discussion about a famous literary character, or a booklist, or anything librarian-ish and literature-ish like that, I’m going to my old standby for humor and cheerfulness – adorable pictures of animals.  So I present to you:

Five Reasons You Should Not Embarrass Your Pet With Clothing

1. The results can veer disturbingly into the uncanny valley.

Dog Wearing Superman Costume

2. Your adorable pig might start plotting murder.

Piglet Wearing Red Rain Boots

3. Your cat will definitely start plotting, then commit, murder.

Cat Wearing Knitted Sweater With Hood

4. That shirt will have hair in it FOREVER.

Dog Wearing Shirt

5. You will NEVER get over this kind of guilt!

Rabbit Wearing Pink Shirt  Dog Wearing Rabbit Costume

  Dog Wearing Doggie Paws on Feet  Cat Wearing Vest, Scarf and Hat

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