GEPL Teens: Pets and Clothes?

Teens Blog BannerOkay guys, I’m still sick of winter, despite the warmer days, and I think it’s starting to sap my inspiration.  So instead of any discussion about a famous literary character, or a booklist, or anything librarian-ish and literature-ish like that, I’m going to my old standby for humor and cheerfulness – adorable pictures of animals.  So I present to you:

Five Reasons You Should Not Embarrass Your Pet With Clothing

1. The results can veer disturbingly into the uncanny valley.

Blog Entry 31 - Image 1

2. Your adorable pig might start plotting murder.

Blog Entry 31 - Image 2

3. Your cat will definitely start plotting, then commit, murder.

Blog Entry 31 - Image 3

4. That shirt will have hair in it FOREVER.

Blog Entry 31 - Image 4

5. You will NEVER get over this kind of guilt!

Blog Entry 31 - Image 7  Blog Entry 31 - Image 6

  Blog Entry 31 - Image 8  Blog Entry 31 - Image 5

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