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Teens Blog Orange BannerSandals on Wooden Boards with "Summer On My Mind...Book That Are Warm"As opposed to my last couple displays, the newest book display in the Teen Scene makes perfect sense for me.  I find right about February every year is when I start getting sick of winter.  Really, really sick of it.  Now, generally speaking, I’m a cold weather kind of girl.  Most of the time, I think any temperature about 80 degrees is way too hot.  I like boots and scarves and jeans.  But after three months of winter – especially this winter – I start to think fondly of shorts.  Of walking outside without having to put on extra layers.  I even start to think fondly of sweating (which, let’s be clear, is terrible.)

Unfortunately, I can’t take the month of February off to go to Florida every year, which would obviously be the ideal solution.  But I’ve found just escaping mentally for a few hours someplace warmer can make all the difference.  When I read The Blue Sword I can practically feel the desert sun pounding down on me.  When I immerse myself in Persis Blake’s world in Across a Star-Swept Sea, I fall asleep thinking of tropical drinks, turquoise seas, and whatever the heck frangipani smells like (can anyone help with that?)  When I listen to Legend in my car, I feel like I could be fighting my way through a dystopian (but still toasty!) Los Angeles.

And ultimately, this is one of the best things about books in any situation – they can transport us somewhere else.  They can allow us to see and experience things that we never will, or at least that we can’t right now.  Or they can guide us through something so relatable that the book feels like an alternate version of our own life, and we almost believe we are living it.  Either way, novels allow us to be in the book.  And so for this month, when winter feels like it will never end and summer seems way too far away, I hope you’ll agree with me that the best possible place for a book to take anyone right now is someplace warm.

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