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Teens Blog Orange BannerIt’s true that even months later we’re all still recovering from the ending of Allegiant, and the ensuing feelings, but it’s time to move forward with our Divergent fandom.  It’s time to celebrate the release of the movie!  There’s so much to be excited about with this movie.  It was filmed in Chicago, so it will have an authentic Chicago feel and the fun of recognizing a bunch of filming locations.  It stars Shailene Woodley, who John Green thinks the world of after her role in The Fault in Our Stars, and who looks pretty awesome as Tris in the previews.  We’ll get live-action Tris/Four romance.  There will be wicked cool action sequences that we all know were practically begging to be filmed.  We’ll get to see Kate Winslet grace our screens, which is always a good thing.  And we’ll get to see the movie that Veronica Roth herself thought did a great job of bringing her words to screen.

With so much to be excited about, I know most of you will be seeing this movie on Friday when it’s released, or in many cases Thursday night when it premieres at midnight shows.  You’re already pumped, but I say: GET MORE PUMPED!

With that goal in mind, we’re having a party at the library just for the purposes of getting pumped for the Divergent release.  Tomorrow night, March 20, from 6-9 in the meeting rooms downstairs, we will be celebrating all things Divergent.  Costumes are strongly encouraged – I myself will be rocking some red and yellow.  There will be fun games for those with the Amity connection, or more intense Wii sports games for the Dauntless trying to get some training in.  There will be trivia for Erudites, a chance to honestly reveal yourself for Candor, and an opportunity to make something for others for anyone feeling Abnegation generosity.  And because we know everyone is a little Divergent inside, you can experiment with all these faction activities.  There will be food, including Dauntless cake for everyone, and pizza because pizza is awesome.  There will be prizes and drawings, including temporary tattoos to help with your Dauntless costumes (or just for fun).

But most importantly, there will be a whole lot of Divergent fans excited about the books and excited about the movies.  So come celebrate, unleash your excitement, and get yourself primed and ready for the Divergent movie release!

GEPL Teen Scene Divergent Release Party Poster For Thursday, March 20 from 6-9pm

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