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Teens Blog Orange BannerOnce again, I’m feeling the extreme love of something.  In this case, my favorite movie of all time, Singin’ in the Rain.  Before I even get started on why I love this particular movie, I should state for the record that pretty much all of my favorite movies are happy movies.  Injections of joy into my life.  Not that serious/dramatic/sad movies can’t be good, but I’m much less likely to want to watch them over and over.  So obviously my favorite movie is a wonderful, joyous, musical celebration of awesomeness.

But why do I love this one so much?

Gene Kelly Holding An UmbrellaBecause of Gene Kelly’s smile – This may be shallow, but seriously, look at that mug!  That smile is made of charm and friendliness and handsomeness and class.  It’s a smile that lights up a room.  The man is every kind of classically handsome and suave you can think of.  Really, he is.  The rest of Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood is pretty awesome too, what with the suits, the voice, and the talent.  But that smile definitely deserves its own spot on this list.  However, that does lead me to…

Because of the crazy fantastic singing and dancing by crazy talented performers – Gene Kelly as Don is one of these, but Donald O’Connor and Scene From Singin' In The Rain: Good MorningDebbie Reynolds as his best friend Cosmo and girlfriend Kathy manage to hold their own, which leads to an incredible trio of talent.  They sing lovely ballads and funny songs, tap dance and ballet dance, and Cosmo rocks the slapstick routines.  There’s a cameo from one of the most impressive dancers I’ve ever seen, Cyd Charisse.  The songs are catchy and well-performed, and in many cases iconic (“Good Morning”, the title song.)  Everything about this movie as a musical is perfect.

Because it’s funny! – Just because a movie is older doesn’t mean it can’t be hilarious.  For starters, basically every word said by Lina Lamont – Don’s Donald O'Connor Making A Face In Singin in the Rainmean girl acting partner – is comedic gold.  For that matter, most of the lines about Lina are funny too – “Lina.  She can’t act, she can’t sing, she can’t dance.  A triple threat.” And pretty much any scene with Don Lockwood and Cosmo Brown is chock-full of quippy goodness.  Don (desperate to avoid his over-adoring fans): “Cosmo, call me a cab!” Cosmo: “Okay, you’re a cab.”  But believe me when I say none of these quotes do justice to the movie’s delivery and physical comedy.

Because it’s a genuinely happy, touching movie – Don Lockwood learns something about himself.  There’s a genuinely sweet romance with Kathy Gene Kelly Singin' In The RainSeldon.  Lina Lamont gets what’s coming to her (but it’s nothing too terrible.)  Don dances and sings in the rain from sheer joy.  In the end, the good come out on top, better people for what’s happened over the course of the movie.  And while that’s not exactly the most unpredictable or shocking way for a story to go, it sure does leave me happy each and every time I get to the end of this wonderful movie.

It’s hard to describe just what makes Singin’ in the Rain such a classic, and such a wonderful movie.  But these are a few of the reasons I personally love it so much.  Check it out and let me know if you agree, or tell me what’s special about your favorite movie!

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