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Teens Blog Orange BannerSpring break is almost over, and alas, it’s back to the boring school grind.  Not only that, but it’s still not feeling like spring.  But as always, books can help!  These reads, set in spring (and in one case, starting with a spring break trip) will help you to extend your spring break in your mind and be ready for spring weather whenever it does decide to show up!

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater Book CoverThe Raven Boys by Maggie StiefvaterThe Raven Boys kicks off early in a Virginia spring, when there’s still a chill in the air.  But as the book progresses, so does the season, bringing in exquisitely described warmer weather.  In The Raven Boys, Blue Sargent is the only non-psychic woman in her odd family.  So when she sees the spirit of a soon-to-be-dead boy, it is unusual to say the least.  Worse, the only reason she would have seen his spirit is if he was her true love, or if she was going to kill him.  Even worse, the soon-to-be-dead boy turns out to be Gansey, a privileged student at a local prep school – one of the “raven boys” that Blue has sworn to avoid.  But before she knows it, Blue finds herself caught up with Gansey and his friends, and their quest for a magical king.

Terrier by Tamora Pierce Book CoverTerrier by Tamora Pierce – Beka Cooper’s diary begins on April 1, at the beginning of spring and the beginning of her new life as a “Provost’s Dog” – a police officer in the fantasy world of Tortall.  Beka is an officer in the slums of Tortall’s capital city, Corus.  A Lower City native herself, Beka is determined to be the best at her job, and do the best for her neighborhood.  But despite Beka’s hard work, and the help of the best Dogs in her district, there are dark doings in the Lower City.  Children are being kidnapped and men are dying for an unknown reason in unmarked graves.  Over the course of the spring, Beka must face her fears and use her combination of strength, skills, and strange magic to try and solve these crimes before even more Lower City families are torn apart.

Feed by M.T. Anderson Book CoverFeed by M.T. Anderson – Titus and his friends “went to the moon to have fun” for spring break, only to find out that “the moon turned out to completely suck.”  Titus lives in a future world where no-one really ventures into a toxic outdoors, and everyone has the Feed implanted into their brain.  The Feed is a tool for communication, study, shopping, and more.  It supplies the word you are groping for in your brain, instant telepathic communication, and of course, items for purchase tailored to your particular needs and desires.  Titus has never questioned the Feed – until he meets Violet on his trip to the moon.  Violet lived years of her life without a Feed, and dreams of resisting its consumerism and encroachments into her life and her mind.  But will Titus be strong enough to follow her lead?

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