GEPL Teens: A Finals Story

Teens Blog BannerOnce upon a time, finals were looming for the hard working high school students of Glen Ellyn.  At first, they made light of the situation, cracking sarcastic jokes.

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But all of a sudden, panic began to set in!

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Despite the panic, students found studying was nearly impossible.  They wanted to do well, but pressing matters like the next Dr. Who episode, an important text message from a friend, trips to get ice cream, beautiful weather and more kept popping up!

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The students were at a loss, when suddenly, they remembered – the library!  The Glen Ellyn Public Library, committed to high school students and pizza, was on a mission to help.  With delicious eats from Barone’s, caffeine all night long, and extended hours for cramming, studying became almost bearable!

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Fortified by their hard work and the support of their librarians, Glen Ellyn students went to finals and avoided the dreaded fate of guessing (or worse, failing)!

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Finally, it was summer, school was over, and the students could rest peacefully!


The end.

If you want this happy ending for your own finals story, be sure to come to the library on June 9, 10, and 11!  Pizza will be at 4:30 on June 9th and 5:30 on June 10th and 11th, coffee will be all night, and the library will stay open till 10:00 for high school students all three nights.  Good luck, and remember – summer break is just around the corner!

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