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Teens Blog Orange BannerThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green Book Cover I recently read an article (link below) about John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars (TFiOS) and how it is not young-adult fiction’s savior. YA literature is not in need of saving, there are books read by thousands of teens and adults every year. These books match, or are even better than Green’s novel and deserve to be admired as well. Many sources that praise TFiOS also degrade other YA books. From The Atlantic:

New York Times bestselling author Ally Carter expressed frustration on Twitter last week: “Gonna have to stop reading articles that (rightfully) praise #Tfios, but then denigrate all other YA hits. Sadly, it’s all the articles. Really, the overall tenor of ‘Finally, WORTHY books for girls’ is about to get me. I’m about to SNAP.” Fellow bestselling author Maureen Johnson agreed, venting that “the last few weeks has been so much joy for the good that is #tfios, but a lot of sadness too. I have to admit to one moment, where I’d read yet another takedown of all the good work of women writers where I said, ‘What’s the point?’”

The article states that even Green believes that the system is flawed. One book shouldn’t describe the success of an entire genre.

Personally, I believe The Fault in Our Stars has a very predictable plot. Two people with cancer fall in love and since there is no cure for most cancers, it’s inevitable that one, or even both, are going to die. That said, TFiOS is a great book, and it differs from many YA books due to the unhappy ending and the realistic mood of the character’s situation. This is a book I personally think every teen should read.

Check out the original article:


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