GEPL Teens: What To Do Post-Finals

Teens Blog BannerFinals have been over for a week now, and it’s finally starting to hit everyone – summer is here!  Before you reach the state of summer boredom that some people eventually get to, we here at the library have a few ideas about what you can do to fill your time now that it’s finally warm and school is finally over.

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1.) Come to the library.  Obviously.  We have books for you to read, AC for when it gets too hot, and awesome programs like: Book Speed Dating (next week on Wednesday!); the National Teen Lock-In with author visits and Nerf wars (August 1); and of course, SUMMER READING!

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2.) Volunteer at an animal shelter or wildlife rescue so you can spend time with adorable (or at least lovable) animals all summer.  They could use the help, you’ll feel good about giving back, and everyone could use some extra cute in their life.

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3.) Spend a whole afternoon lying outside, preferably in a park or under a tree, reading or writing or daydreaming.  You’ll have the whole school year to spend inside – it’s worth a little heat to enjoy the outdoors.

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4.) Sleep in often!

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5.) Go to a beach for sand and swimming.  If you can’t go on vacation, you can go to Chicago and enjoy one of the Lake Michigan beaches.  If you can’t get to Chicago, go to Centennial Beach in Naperville.  There’s always a way to enjoy the water!

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6.) Go see The Fault in Our Stars movie over and over.  Cry and until there are no more tears left, and then watch ANTM and wallow in all your feels until your mother starts to worry that you’re depressed and sends you to a support group.

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7.) Go see every summer action blockbuster movie there is.  Spend the whole summer feeling like you can conquer the world.  Try not to let this feeling go to your head though, as jumping off buildings will not work for you the way it works for Spiderman.

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8.) Eat all the ice cream.  Because ice cream is wonderful and delicious all year round, but especially when it’s hot out.

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Or, if you want, just binge read, binge watch, and enjoy the laziness of the season.  Happy summer everyone!

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