First Tween Reaches 100 Summer Reading Hours!

tween-blog-bannerDylan Holding Stack Of BooksDylan, 7th grader at Hadley Middle School

Current Summer Reading Hours: 127

This is Dylan, the first tween to reach 100 hours! While waiting for school to start, Dylan likes to make gaming videos for YouTube, learn more about web design, and of course- READING! He loves riding his bike through Glen Ellyn and is a frequent visitor of The Shack. He recommends getting a burger and a shake. In a few days, he’ll be going with his family to the RAGBRAI, an annual bike race across Iowa. He’ll bike long distance for two days before relaxing the rest of the week at a lake house. This isn’t even his only summer adventure. He just got back from a 3 week computer camp at Northwestern University.

Dylan loves Harry Potter, and is a self-proclaimed expert on the series. He’s read them yearly, but loves “The Order of the Phoenix” the most. A lot of his summer reading has been spent reading Harry Potter fan fiction online. He recently discovered “The Hobbit”. While it took him a while to get through, he definitely enjoyed it. An avid science fiction fan, Dylan has tried every book in the sci-fi section at Hadley.

Want to reach 100 hours of reading yourself? Dylan recommends planning your day efficiently. “There are 24 hours in a day, plenty of that time can be spent reading.” He suggests reading 2 hours daily.

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