Tween Profile: Brianna

Brianna from Hadley Middle School Sitting in Green Chair Reading BookBrianna: 6th Grader at Hadley Middle School

Current Summer Reading Hours:110

Brianna, an incoming 6th grader at Hadley Middle School loves to read, paint and watch television. Her goal is to get an easel with a lot of nice paint. She enjoys watching Drake and Josh and Kicking It. When she’s not watching TV or painting, she likes going to The Patio, the library, or getting a giant jawbreaker from the Glen Ellyn Sweet Shoppe. As a member of Camp Pride, Brianna’s been on many adventures this summer, including Laser X and multiple visits to Six Flags. She’s been on every roller coaster at the park.

Brianna loves reading all kinds of fantasy books, but really enjoys reading about magic. Her favorite book of all time is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She was introduced to the series in first grade, and will always hold a special place in her heart. This summer, she satisfied her literary sweet tooth with It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder.

For those who haven’t made it to 100 hours yet, Brianna recommends gum to help you concentrate. She also says that the library is a great place to find a book that interests you and makes you want to read as much as you can – every little bit helps!


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