Tween Profile: Cheyenne

Tweens Blog Purple BannerCheyenne 8th Grader at Glen Crest Middle School Student Picture Near Shelves of BooksCheyenne, 8th Grader at Glen Crest Middle School

Current summer reading hours: 112

Meet Cheyenne. You might find her in one of her favorite places: 2Toots Train Whistle Grill, or the Yorktown Mall. She loves tacos and pizza. At the library, she is a master at finding Dewey the cat. Cheyenne loves to read teen romances. Her favorite book, up until this summer was Kiss by Rachel Vail, but now is Keep Holding On by Suzanne Colasanti. She also enjoys the two graphic novel series Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino and The Sand Chronicles by Hinako Ashihara. When she’s not reading, she enjoys creating portraits with pastels and using vivid color markers in contrast with colored pencils. During the school year, she spends her time in cross country and track, but hates to exercise outside of school.

Cheyenne is turning 13 this August, and plans to have a girl’s day out with her closest friends, maybe hanging out at the pool, getting their nails done – or both!

Still trying to get to 100 hours yourself? Cheyenne’s tips include reading 30 minutes before bed each night, and whenever you have free time. Try reading to others, too. It feels good to help others!

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