Tween Summer Reading Profile: Shikha

Tweens Blog Purple BannerShikha from Hadley Middle School Sitting At iMac StationShikha, 7th grader at Hadley Middle School

Current Reading Hours: 115

This is Shikha Adhikari. Of course she likes to read, but she also enjoys writing and drawing. She mainly writes fantasies and poems. Her writing has been featured in the newsletter at her Nepali temple. She reads fantasy books to gather inspiration and escape from the real world, but other times she enjoys realistic fiction that she can relate to. Shikha enjoys walking around Glen Ellyn with her sister, and flaming hot Cheetos with lime. She discovered her new favorite series of all time, Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, but before that it was So B It by Sarah Weeks.
Aside from reading, Shikha’s been very busy this summer. She’s been swimming in Lake Michigan, as well as the pool in Glendale Heights. The pool has a surfing ride and Shikha’s been able to stay up for up to ten minutes! She and her family visited the Palace of Gold at New Vrindaban in West Virginia. It has over 100 water fountains, award winning rose gardens, and is a great place for prayer and reflection.

Still trying to get to 100 hours? There’s still time! Shikha recommends managing your time well, and set a goal of 2-3 hours a day, or 20 hours a week to catch up.

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