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Play is All Around

Category: Where The Child Things Are
Posted: December 29, 2016

By: Stephanie Rivera, Youth Director

Librarian with a new Playpack over her shoulder.Play is an essential literacy skill and an important part of how children learn. Allowing time for your child to play can help to build confidence, problem-solving skills, and a stronger imagination. If you’re looking for ways to entertain your young children over winter break, try checking out a Playpack at the library. Our new collection of Playpacks are a circulating collection of toys designed to promote early literacy. Each Playpack features two to three toys centered on a specific concept or theme. Featured items include toys such as puppets, puzzles, games, or pretend play sets. Playpacks are available to GEPL cardholders and they circulate for three weeks (no renewals). Below are a few featured playpacks; please check our catalog for the full list of items available.

Getting Dressed Playpack: Learn how to get dressed with three dressing frames that have easy-to-grasp features. You can also learn how to lace and tie shoelaces with a wooden lacing shoe and extra-long lace.

Music Playpack: Introduce your child to making music with instruments such as bells, maracas, a xylophone, and a drum. Children can also learn the sounds of eight instruments by using a sound puzzle where removing each piece produces a different sound.

Sorting Playpack: Introduce your child to sorting and different shapes to help develop hand-eye coordination. Toys such as ring stacks and blocks provide an introduction to size, stacking, identifying and matching shapes.

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