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My Library History

Category: Where The Child Things Are
Posted: January 26, 2017

By: Leigh Ann Vock

Farewell wonderful Glen Ellyn Public Library! I am relocating to Denver Colorado (to work in yet another library) after living in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton my entire 56 years. I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane to my library life.

Old Wheaton Public Library BuildingAs a young child, weekly trips to the library were a way of life. I will be forever grateful to my parents for instilling this as a family practice. I lived in Wheaton until age eight and have pivotal memories of traipsing up to the third floor of this historic building, then known as the Wheaton Public Library. I was allowed to choose “three books, no more no less.”

There were no “play areas” and we were always quiet for fear of disturbing the librarian. The stacks of books were taller than me but I knew were to find my favorites. It was a dark, cold place but still held my fascination as to the wonders that were housed on its shelves.

Moving to Glen Ellyn as a young girl felt like an earth shattering event.  How could my parents expect me to adjust to a new school, new town, new friends, NEW LIBRARY?!

Old public pibrary building at Park and Crescent.

To my delighted surprise the Glen Ellyn Public Library became my favorite spot. A mere mile from my home off of Crescent Boulevard, I would walk by myself and spend time amongst my favorite things, books. The children’s section was down a few stairs and brightly decorated in bold avocado green and yellow. The staff knew me by name and would greet me with a smile.

The card catalog was an amazing tool, pre computers, to help find the materials you needed. The Dewey Decimal System was a piece of cake to navigate, as this was taught and retaught in school on a regular basis. I remember graduating out of the children’s section to the upstairs adult section, and I felt so old. I have fond memories when I recall my time in this building. Fast forward to years later…

Current Glen Ellyn Public Library BuildingI have had the delight to be a part of the staff of Glen Ellyn Public Library Youth Department for over fifteen years.  It is a different library experience from when I was young and I am continually amazed at how GEPL serves the community with excellence and innovation.

I will miss my colleagues, my town and my library. Village of Glen Ellyn consider yourself very fortunate to have this wonderful place at the center of your community.

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