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Picking a College

Category: The Teen Scene
Posted: January 18, 2017

By: Hafsa A., Teen Blogger

Road sign saying College Just Ahead.School. Not many people want to think about education especially when everyone is on vacation. But unfortunately, school is not going to get off anyone’s mind, especially for juniors and seniors who need to start thinking about which college they are going to. Finding the perfect college that will meet all your needs will be easier than you think because all you have to do is put the effort into finding one.

Since I am an incoming senior, I have chosen my colleges, my major, and my profession, but I still have to continue with writing college essays and getting recommendations. The tip I used to go through all the steps above was an app called Naviance recommended by my counselor. The program helps you decide which college you would want to go to, and would help you start creating applications. You just start by making a user and it shows you step by step from there.

Here are a few other tips and tricks to help you find a college that’s perfect for your needs.

Guide to a picking a perfect college:

First you will need to determine your specialty or what profession you would like. Choose a broad profession such as cosmetology, veterinary, or even medical assistance, one that is based on your skills and abilities.

Next, choose a college based on location. Consider if you want to go to colleges close by where you live, if you want to live in a dorm, or if you want to study abroad. By doing so it will narrow a variety of universities or colleges that will suit your needs.

After you choose the colleges by location, evaluate the top 5 colleges that would most likely be your choice depending on what your interests are. Evaluate, research, and look up what courses the college offers and how it will benefit you in the future.

As you are researching the costs of the colleges, make sure to look at the tuition costs. You also need to understand you family’s contribution to meeting these costs and also yours if you work.

After doing that, make sure you are confident in what major and profession you choose because that will be counted on the rest of your life. Then you are ready to start applying before the deadlines. Get help from experienced people who know how to write good college essays. Ask you counselor or even teachers for some recommendations.

Make a decision to apply earlier than the actual deadline or the day of the deadline. Soon enough you will not have to worry or stress about what college you are attending. Overall, while researching, look at the academic opportunities, see if there’s a financial benefit for you, and visit campuses.

Good luck!

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