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Meet Your New Young Adult Librarian!

Category: The Teen Scene
Posted: February 17, 2017

By: Josh O'Shea, Young Adult Librarian

Josh O'Shea, Young Adult Librarian This is my first post for the Teen Scene blog, and my first little essay as a Young Adult Librarian. There are few places where I talk about myself in general, in the spring newsletter, The Guide, on the Adult Department Meet the Staff page, and on the Ask Josh page.

But this is a place for me to talk about subjects all related to teen-ish-ness. It’s a place where I want you to comment on those things, too; just contact me at Much of this blog has been dedicated to book reviews, as the last YA Librarian read and reviewed voraciously. She set a model of literature experience that I envy. Her vision is one I have, too: the library is intended to be a safe space, where diversity and community are celebrated. We find relief when we escape on an adventure. We gather courage when we understand a subject better, or imagine ourselves in the footsteps of a heroine who triumphed over adversity. These stories — fiction and nonfiction — empower us.

I want to present experiences related to safety, comfort, otherness and fun. That means I’ll write a few book reviews, and feature guest authors. I want to hear from new people, too. Send me an email about something that’s important to you, something that excites you, something that concerns you. Send me a topic you’d like me to investigate; I’ll keep you anonymous. In fact, if you send something to me and want it posted, I’ll keep your name off it unless you otherwise say “say my name!” If you say “say my name,” you will be credited for your work using your first name and last initial.

I’m ready for an adventure in my new job position, and I want some input from you, my constituency. Here we go!

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