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Following Through On Your New Year’s Resolution

Category: The Teen Scene
Posted: March 3, 2017

By: Saaniyah S., Teen Blogger

Blue New Year's hat, confetti, and pen sitting on top open notebook.

Photo by Carol VanHook

You’ve prepared all you can for the new year. You’ve written an ultra-long list of resolutions, all of which you plan on somehow achieving throughout the year, and vow to yourself that you can, you will, and you must complete that list by the next December 31st. All gleeful and excited, you jump into the new year, ready, as the clock strikes 12 AM on January 1st. Ah, the day of dreams, hopes, and desires.

Your first few weeks into the new year fly by as planned. You are trudging through items one at a time on your long, long list of resolutions, crossing maybe one or two off in a short while. By the end of the second week, you have crossed off “work out at 5 pm every day” and “drink 8 glasses of water everyday,” among the few others. Proud of yourself, you are motivated to keep going, keep striving with that drive.

But, as it happened last year and the year before, and basically every year since you’ve started writing New Year’s resolutions, you’ve hit that miserable ditch called the motivation droop. Around the first week of February, you are not as driven to work out every day, and drinking 8 glasses of water doesn’t seem so important anymore.

We’ve all been through this terrible time when we must push harder than we ever imagined to keep going on down that list. In fact, Forbes says only 9% of Americans feel satisfied that they accomplished all their goals. We all want to be part of that small percentage, don’t we? I have a few tips on being successful in the New Year:

  1. Keep it simple. When it comes to creating a list of goals for the new year, we tend to go overboard with our plans. Instead, try narrowing down your list to more realistic terms. Are you really going to learn a new language, visit 10 different countries, and lose 25 pounds all during the summer? Look back at where your lists made a downfall last year, and pick it up from there.
  2. Share your resolutions. When it comes to motivation, we all need someone to remind us of the values of perseverance and persistence. Getting through those lists may be pretty tough, but when you know there is someone by your side to support you, be it mother, friend, or co-worker, it’s a little less of a burden off your own shoulders.
  3. Reward yourself. Upon completing a resolution, go ahead and reward yourself for your awesomeness. You just did something that less than 10% of Americans can do! You just followed through with your promise to yourself. Assuring yourself of what you can do comes back to you in those sticky times when you’re contemplating whether to just give up on a goal.

So go ahead, my friend, I dare you to follow through with your aspirations. The world needs more people who challenge themselves by choosing a path and persisting. It’s time to make those dreams, hopes, and desires into reality.

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