Loan Periods, Renewals, Fines

How long can I have materials checked out?

From Glen Ellyn Public Library Policies, Appendix M

Appendix M

A.    Unincorporated Residents applying for a library card must present a picture I.D. from List A and a current tax bill, lease or current rent receipt. The annual unincorporated library card fee is calculated as follows:

  1. Homeowner: Net Taxable Value (shown on current property tax bill) x Library’s current tax rate
  2. Renters: Annual rent x 15%
  3. Individuals renting a room or partial living space with no formal lease agreement will be approved on a case by case basis.  Potential applicants must still show ID from list A and B and will be charged a flat $75 fee.


B.    Residents of Newly Developed Property / Developers’ Impact Fees are calculated as follows:

  • Current tax extension for the Glen Ellyn Public library
  • Divided by the population of Glen Ellyn
  • Times the number of years until tax income is received (1.5)
  • Times the population equivalent of the unit (based on the equivalency figures used by the Village of Glen Ellyn and the Glenbard Wastewater Authority)
  • Equals the Annual Developer Impact Fee


C.    Thresholds and Borrowing Restrictions include:

  • $10 in overall overdue fines and fees
  • One or more material(s) overdue 50 days or more 
  • Combined household charges of $30 or more–may result in the entire household being restricted if the bills are not cleared in their entirety within 30 days
  • An individual with a combined value of $40 or more in outstanding fees–may be sent to a collection agency; additional fees would apply

Patrons who have reached these thresholds will be denied library card privileges until the restrictions have been removed.  Parents or guardians are also financially responsible for any fines or fees accrued on cards for which they have cosigned; therefore their personal card may be barred from library privileges until the restrictions have been removed.

D.    Overdue and Lost Materials


  • Overdue notices are sent by email or by mail when item reaches 1 week and 4 weeks overdue.  A bill is sent at 7 weeks overdue. If eligible, a collection notice will be sent 10 days after the previous notice or when the item reaches 50 days overdue. (To determine collection eligibility see F: Thresholds and Borrowing Restrictions). All notification generated by the library is considered a courtesy and does not lessen the responsibility of the patron to return items on time. Fines will not be waived because notices did not reach the responsible party.


Overdue fines accumulate per day until reaching the maximum fine of $5. Billing fee charges are added when overdue items reach 50 days overdue.  The charges are $3 per item up to 9 items; 10 items or more receives a maximum billing fee of $30.

Paying for an item:

  • When an item is lost but paid within 50 days of the due date the patron will be charged the cost of the item and the processing fees.
  • Items not returned within 50 days of the due date will be assumed to be lost, and the cost of the item, processing fee and billing fee will be attached to the patron’s record, and the patron’s borrowing privileges will be suspended until the item is returned and/or all associated fees have been paid.
  • The library does not accept replacements for lost items.

Finding a lost item:

If the item has been paid but found and returned within three months of the due date, the cost of the item and processing fee will be refunded, less the accumulated fines and fees.  After three months, all charges are non-refundable and the item is non-returnable.

E.     Charges for lost or damaged items

Replacement charges for currently available materials will be the current available prices found in the bibliographic record.  If a price is not listed in the bibliographic record, a current market price will be investigated. If a new copy of the same item is no longer available, an average replacement cost will be assessed. All lost and/or damaged items will also incur a processing fee.

F.     Charges for Missing and or Damaged Pieces

Items that circulate with multiple pieces may incur a replacement charge if it is returned with a piece(s) missing or damaged. The head of the owning department will evaluate if the item can still be circulated with the piece missing, and a Circulation Supervisor will determine if a fee will be assessed.  All charges are non-refundable. These items may include:

  • Puzzles
  • Books circulating as a set (Bob Books)
  • Kits/Books with a Disc included

Multi disc CD’s and DVD’s:

Items that circulate with a plastic case, informative insert and media piece may incur a nominal flat fee of $3 if either the insert or case is lost. If both the insert and case is lost, a fee for the cost of the entire item may be assessed.  All charges are non-refundable.  See section G: Charges for Lost or Damaged items.

Discs missing from a Book on CD may be replaced for a flat fee depending on the company from which the item was purchased.  All charges non-refundable.

G.    Price Review and Diminished Value Charges

A patron may request a Review of Replacement Cost based on age or condition of a lost or damaged item.  All requests will be referred to the Circulation Services Director who may offer a discounted price at his or her discretion.

  • For paperback items a 10% discount per year of library age of item to a maximum discount of 50% may be offered
  • For hardcover items a 10% discount for every 2 library years of age of the item to a maximum of 50% may be offered
  • Discounts for audio visual items, puzzles or puppets will be on a case by case basis; a reduced charge may not be offered
  • Replacements for missing or damaged items will not be accepted

For items that have been damaged but are considered by the head of the owning department to still be usable a Diminished Value Charge may be assessed.  This charge would not exceed 50% of the original cost of the item will be to the head of the owning department for evaluation and fee determination.

Loan Periods and Fees: 

Loan periods can vary by material type:

  • Three weeks—most materials
  • Two weeks—New adult fiction, Hot Pick books, new non-fiction DVD’s
  • One week—Youth holiday books,  entertainment DVDs, Games, Playaway Views
  • Three days—Hot Pick DVDs

A $1 rental fee is charged for games.  Overdue fines are .25 per day for DVDs, $1 per day for Games, and .10 for all other items. Fines are charged only if the item is returned late.


Most materials may be renewed twice.  An item may not renew because:

  • the item is on hold for another borrower
  • the item has already been renewed the maximum number of times
  • the item is overdue
  • the item is a Game—please call the Circulation desk at 630-469-0879 x3 to see if it is possible to renew
  • the item is an ILL item—please call the Adult Reference Desk at 630-790-6630 to see if it possible to renew

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