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Booking Reservations

The Glen Ellyn Public Library’s meeting rooms are designed primarily to meet the operational needs of the library and offer accommodations for educational, informational, cultural and civic functions of the Glen Ellyn community.

The meeting rooms may not be used for private social functions, programs which are not suitable for the library’s physical facilities or which would interfere with the library’s normal operation, or programs or gatherings which present a clear and present danger to the welfare of the participants, attendees, library staff and patrons, and/or the community.


Reservation requests can be made by phone with Celene Arras, Meeting Room Coordinator, at 630-790-6727 or via email at

Reservations will be confirmed or denied within 5 days.

To reserve a public meeting room there must be a minimum of 8 people in the group; each group is limited to 12 reservations per calendar year. Reservations can be made 6 weeks prior to the start of each rental quarter as outlined below:

  • Reservations open January 15 for meeting dates in March, April and May
  • Reservations open April 15 for meeting dates in June, July and August
  • Reservations open July 15 for meeting dates in September, October and November
  • Reservations open October 15 for meeting dates in December, January and February

Fees for Use

Rental Fees
Library Card Status of Organization’s Contact Person Not-For-Profit Organizations
Group Size: 8-29)
For-Profit Organizations
(Group Size: 8-29)
Group Size: 30 or More
GEPL Cardholder $0 $20 $40
No GEPL Card $20 $40 $60
Additional Fees
Library Card Status of Organization’s Contact Person Failure to Vacate Room Before Library Closes Cleanup Fee Fire Code Violation (Exceeding Room Max. of Persons)
GEPL Cardholder $25 $15 $40
No GEPL Card $25 $15 $40

Groups in excess of 30 persons must reserve both rooms, in compliance with fire codes. Failure to plan for attendance will result in additional fees, or the meeting may be canceled if the needed space is not available.

Rental Fees must be paid prior to the meeting date and can be paid online after your reservation has been approved by logging into your Meeting Room account or by calling the Meeting Room Coordinator at 630-790-6727.

Set-Up Options

You can arrange the room into:

Seating Arrangement Capacity
Board Room Shape 12
Box Shape 24 or 48
Classroom Shape 30 or 60
Theater Shape 30 or 80
U Shape 18 or 30


The following equipment is included in your reservation: tables, chairs, projector, DVD player, AV cart. Equipment that can be requested in your reservation includes: podium, white board, easel and small table.

Meeting Room Contract

To ensure the best possible experience, please familiarize yourself with the information below. As the person making the reservation, you are responsible for the following statements. Failure to adhere to the Meeting Room Contract may prevent you or your group from reserving the library meeting rooms in the future.

    1. I understand that I am responsible for all room arrangement decisions, and will communicate such decisions to all who will be assisting with the program or meeting.
    2. Any meeting room fees must be paid prior to the time of room reservation. Refunds will not be given for cancellations made within 24 hours of the meeting date.
    3. Due to liability and insurance regulations, all meetings must conclude no less than 15 minutes prior to library closing; and all attendees must exit the building by library closing, or an additional $25 fee will be assessed.
    4. The name and contact information of the library may not be used in any publicity except as a designation of location.
    5. No admission fees or sales are permitted.
    6. All attendees must adhere to the standards of the Glen Ellyn Public Library Code of Conduct.
    7. Light refreshments may be served; however,the library does not provide coffee supplies or paper products.
    8. Additional costs may be assessed if the room is left excessively littered, if attendance exceeds the fire code, or for any breakage, damage or theft of library property.
    9. State law prohibits smoking or use of alcohol or illegal substances in public buildings.
    10. By reserving the meeting room, your group assumes responsibility for supplying and paying for special accommodations that are requested by participants in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    11. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the library,its trustees, officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, suits, actions of any kind, arising and resulting and accruing from any act, omission or error of the group or individual and any users and resulting or relating to personal injuries or property damage arising from the use of the library.
    12. I have read the Glen Ellyn Public Library Meeting Room Policy and agree to follow the statements of the Meeting Room Contract and the Glen Ellyn Public Library Code of Conduct.

By continuing to the Online Room Reservation Page, I agree to the terms and conditions of the Glen Ellyn Public Library Meeting Room Contract.