Strategic Plan

The mission of the Glen Ellyn Public Library is to serve the community as a vibrant center for information, learning and discovery.

May 2011 – April 2014

Goal I. Enhance Patron Experience by Improving Library Spaces

A. Complete the Bond Projects

  1. Initiate the mechanical systems evaluation and creation of Master Plan
  2. Upgrade mechanical systems to provide year round comfort and energy efficiency
  3. Initiate parking lot evaluation and creation of Master Plan.
  4. Upgrade parking lot to provide safe ingress and egress for vehicles and pedestrians, improved access to return materials, and insure proper drainage.

B. Assess space usage and align space planning with evolving user needs.

  1. Assess all interior public service areas- Youth, Adult and Circulation. Determine how effectively the existing spaces serve the needs of different user populations and determine what changes should be made in those spaces.
  2. Assess exterior grounds and public entrance to determine how effectively the existing spaces serve the needs of patrons.

Goal II. Enhance Patron Experience by Improving Library Services

A. Provide Digital Content, Tools and Training

1. Facilitate easy, convenient discovery and use of authoritative information/resources.

    • Improve online access to databases, weblinks, downloadables, and interlibrary loan.
    • Deliver content through mobile devices, social media, virtual environments and other means that patrons are using.

2.  Increase the acquisition, distribution and creation of digital content.

    • Investigate downloadable resources including books, music, and movies.
    • Develop a plan for digital preservation and distribution of special collections.

3.  Share knowledge and appreciation of technology.

    • Offer a wide variety of computer, internet, and electronic device classes.
    • Provide access to appropriate hardware and software.

4.  Provide opportunities for staff to become technologically skilled and adaptable.

    • Encourage staff to experiment, innovate, and try new approaches to their work through regular Library-wide, departmental and staff development planning processes.
    • Provide staff with opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration.
    • Provide staff with access to appropriate hardware and software, and facilitate training and other learning opportunities.

B. Provide Targeted Outreach/Programming Efforts

1. Explore new census data for unserved or underserved patron groups.

    • Determine appropriate materials, programs, services and spaces for these groups.
    • Market the availability of materials, programs, services and spaces to these groups.

2.   Expand volunteer opportunities by tapping into patron experiences and talents.

    • Develop roster of volunteers to assist with one on one computer tutoring.
    • Develop roster of volunteers to assist with business resource training.
    • Develop roster of volunteers to assist with arts displays and programs.

3. Provide training regarding use of library resources in locations outside of the library.

Goal III. Embrace Community Relations

A. Create a marketing plan to promote library materials, programs services and spaces in ways that match patron communication channels.

  1. Determine how to maximize the use of social networking tools.
  2. Investigate the effectiveness of current marketing efforts.

B. Work with other Village entities to further develop cooperative resource sharing.

  1. Work to become a community information resource.
  2. Investigate group purchase opportunities.

C. Build local partnerships to maximize services offered to our patrons.

  1. Work with business and community groups to increase visibility of library services.
  2. Enhance relationships with local public and private schools to increase resource and program sharing.

Approved January 17, 2011