Customer Service

The staff and Library Board of the Glen Ellyn Public Library recognize our obligation to provide the best possible service to all individuals who use the Library.

Staff Welcome and Performance
When you visit or call us, you are greeted in a friendly, open manner by a staff member, to make you feel welcome. All of our conversations with you are courteous and respectful; we are genuinely interested in your request. Staff members will demonstrate a positive public service attitude, a thorough understanding of the Library and its services, high-level problem-solving skills, trustworthiness, common sense, and flexibility. Staff will show pride in the Library, which will be reflected in their appearance, sense of mutual respect and teamwork, and in the enthusiasm with which you are served. Our service will be prompt, accurate, and thorough. If a service issue cannot be resolved immediately, the staff will determine who and what is required to provide an answer. We promise to contact you as soon as possible with a response, normally within 24 hours.

Library Policies and Procedures
The Library has developed policies and procedures that assure fairness and consistency.

Physical Facilities and Materials
You enter a safe, comfortable, clean and accessible environment, where equipment is in working order and materials are displayed in an attractive, spacious, well-organized fashion. The building has appropriate signage and other directional assistance to make your library experience productive. Adequate parking is provided. In most instances, materials and/or information is provided in sufficient quantity to meet your specific needs on your initial visit, or is retrieved from other locations in an acceptable period of time. Adopted by the Glen Ellyn Public Library Board of Trustees April 16, 2001 Revision

Adopted August 20, 2001