Interlibrary Loan and Photocopy Guidelines

Requests made to Glen Ellyn Public Library by other libraries:
Requests may be submitted by OCLC, and mail/fax (ALA form or equivalent required). Phone requests must be followed up with appropriate documentation (OCLC or ALA form).

Item loans will be sent by van within Illinois and by mail outside of Illinois. Other delivery methods will be at the Library’s discretion and may be at the requestor’s expense.

The library reserves the right to reject requests not in compliance with national and state interlibrary loan codes, and will not fill requests meant to bypass the owning library’s hold list.

Assuming item and staff availability, loans and faxes will be sent within 72 hrs. Requests received after 4:00 or on a weekend will be treated as if received at 9:00 on the next work day (Mon.-Fri.). Notification of unavailability of requested materials (for loan or fax) will be made according to same guidelines.

Item Loans
Materials available for ILL: books; magazines; AV items.

Microfilm will be loaned for in-library use only.
Reference materials and on “New” status will not be loaned.

Loan Periods: 3 weeks for books and audio books, 1 week for videos and DVDs. Delivery time of one week will be added to each loan period.

Renewals: Any item not on reserve may be renewed once for an additional loan period.

Charges: There are no charges for any loan.

Up to 30 pages will be provided, within copyright limits. If more than 30 pages are needed, the item itself will be loaned.

GEPL does not assess any charge to other libraries for photocopies.

Up to 10 pages will be faxed. If more than the maximum number of pages is needed, the item itself will be loaned.

Requests made to non-LINC libraries by the Glen Ellyn Public Library:
Patrons using ILL services must have a Glen Ellyn Public Library card in good standing. Patrons will be notified of any charges before proceeding.

In general, the following items will not be requested:

  1. New materials (while on list of less than 6 months old)
  2. Ephemeral materials (pamphlets, maps, etc.)
  3. Textbooks: The library does not buy textbooks for its collection, and since the purpose of ILL is not to provide continuous availability of an item for school use, the interlibrary loaning of textbooks will be limited to one request per patron, with only one renewal request.

The library will not request any material from a non-LINC library that can be obtained through a LINC request. Exceptions to this are: if items at LINC libraries are all in circulation and there is no waiting list; if an item is missing or long overdue (more than two months; or requests for extra copies of books for book discussion purposes.

The library will not request any type of material that it does not loan to other libraries, such as “new” books or AV material from out of state libraries.

Due dates are set by the loaning library, not by GEPL; ILL items will be checked out with the due date given by the loaning library (up to a maximum of 3 weeks), regardless of when the patron checks the item out.

Patrons are limited to 10 interlibrary requests at any time. This includes items that are checked out.

Patrons may not repeatedly request an item, or have another family member request it for them, in an effort to circumvent the standard loan period plus renewal. Therefore, there will be a 2 week wait between the time a patron returns the item and the time the patron or any member of their household can request the same title again.

Renewals are at the sole discretion of the loaning library and cannot be guaranteed. In all cases, items may only be renewed once. ILL items cannot be renewed online.

Expense may be as follows:
1. Microfilm rental – Some research libraries charge for microfilm, and this charge will be passed on to the requesting patron.
2. Overdue costs – patron will be charged for any overdue fine assessed by the owning library.
3. Replacement costs – items not returned shall be billed to patron as billed by the lending library. This may include processing costs as well as replacement cost of item.
4. Patrons will be billed for damage to ILL materials assessed by the owning library.
5. Out of State Loan shipping charge and any fees charged by out of state libraries.(pending)

Out of State Loans (pending board approval)
Every attempt is made to obtain materials from in-state libraries, and from libraries who do not charge. Effective 10/1/07, the Glen Ellyn Public Library will charge a $3.00 shipping and handling fee for out of state ILL requests. In addition, patrons will be responsible for paying any fees charged by the owning library. In the event that material can only be found at a library that charges a fee, the patron will be notified of the exact amount before the material is requested. The charge will accrue when the material arrives at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. If we are unable to get the material, there is no charge. Patrons are responsible for this charge even if they do not check out the material.

Photocopy Service

Patrons are responsible for photocopying articles physically available in the library. Photocopy machines are available on both floors of the building.

Patrons are responsible for downloading and/or printing of articles accessible through GEPL’s subscription databases. Library staff will not print out articles for patrons. The library provides computers for patron use.

The current cost for photocopies and printouts is 10 cents per page.

In many cases, owning libraries set a limit to the number of pages that they will copy and send. Every attempt will be made to request long articles, but GEPL must adhere to the policies of owning libraries. In some cases, the patron may need to visit the owning library in person to obtain an article.

Every attempt will made to obtain articles from libraries who do not charge, however, any direct costs incurred for obtaining an article will be paid by the patron on receipt.

Copyright law limits the number of articles which may be requested from a single periodical title to which GEPL does not subscribe. Because the annual limit for a specialized journal can easily be reached by a single researcher, GEPL will not submit photocopy requests to other libraries for articles needed to support post-secondary course requirements. College and graduate school students must use their academic libraries to obtain articles needed for research so that information from these journals will continue to be available to the general public through GEPL.