Social Media Use Policy

Social Media is defined as: blogs, other types of self-published online journals, and collaborative Web-based discussion forums including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Social Media facilitates an environment for library staff and library users to share opinions and information about library-related issues, events and subjects. The Library supports participation in Social Media an additional method by which to promote the services and resources of the library.

Rules and Guidelines

I. General Rules and Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines apply to the use of social media, whether such use is for the Glen Ellyn Public Library (GEPL) on company time, for personal use during nonwork time, outside the workplace or during working time while using Employer owned equipment. (Using Employer equipment to access social media sites for personal use is also governed by the Electronic Communication and Equipment Policy. Employees should also refer to this policy before accessing such sites via the Employer’s equipment). These rules and guidelines apply to all employees.

1. Employees are prohibited from discussing confidential, work-related matters through the use of social media. Employees also have a duty to protect employees’ home addresses and other personal information and the confidentiality of GEPL marketing lists, customer account information, customer lists, financial information, business contracts, personnel issues and other nonpublic information of the organization.

2. Employees cannot use social media to harass, threaten, libel or slander, malign, defame or disparage, or discriminate against co-workers, managers, customers, clients, vendors or suppliers, any organizations associated or doing business with GEPL, or any members of the public, including Web site visitors who post comments. GEPL’s anti-harassment and EEO policies apply to use of social media in the workplace.

II. Employer-Sponsored Social Media

GEPL-sponsored social media is used to: convey information about company products and services; advise clients about product updates; obtain customer feedback, exchange ideas or trade insights about industry trends; reach out to potential new markets; provide sales and marketing support to raise awareness of GEPL’S brand; issue or respond to breaking news, or respond to negative publicity; brainstorm with employees and patrons; and discuss organizational and department-specific activities and events.

All such GEPL-related social media is subject to the following rules and guidelines, in addition to rules and guidelines set forth above:

1. Only employees designated and authorized by GEPL can prepare content for or delete, edit, or otherwise modify content on employer-sponsored social media.

2. Employees cannot post any copyrighted information where written reprint permission is not obtained in advance.

3. Designated employees are responsible for ensuring that the employer-sponsored social media conform to all applicable organization rules and guidelines. These employees are authorized to remove immediately and without advance warning any content, including offensive content such as pornography, obscenities, profanity, and/or material that violates employer’s EEO and/or anti-harassment policies.

4. Employees who want to post comments in response to content must identify themselves as employees.

III. Personal Use of Social Media

The following rules and guidelines, in addition to the rules and guidelines set forth in section 1 above, apply to employee use of social media on the employee’s personal time.

1. Employees should abide by GEPL’s Electronic Communication and Equipment Policy concerning personal use of GEPL’s computer and related equipment.

2. Employees who utilize social media and choose to identify themselves as employees of GEPL are strongly encouraged to state explicitly, clearly, and in a prominent place on the site that their views are their own and not those of GEPL or of any person or organization affiliated or doing business with GEPL.

3. Employees cannot use GEPL’s logo or trademarks or the name, logo, or trademarks of any business partner, supplier, vendor, affiliate, or subsidiary on any personal blogs or other online sites unless their use is sponsored or otherwise sanctioned, approved, or maintained by GEPL.

4. Employees cannot post GEPL’s copyrighted or confidential information or company-issued documents bearing GEPL’s name, trademark, or logo.

5. Employees may post photographs of organizational events and other employees or representatives engaged in GEPL’s business after having received GEPL’s explicit permission.

IV. Employer Monitoring

GEPL reserves the right to lawfully monitor employees’ use of social media including but not limited to statements/comments posted on the Internet, in blogs and other types of openly accessible forums, diaries, and personal and business discussion forums.

Employees should have no expectation of privacy while using company equipment and facilities for any purpose, including the use of social media. GEPL reserves the right to monitor, review, and block content that violates GEPL’s rules and guidelines.

V. Violations

GEPL will investigate and respond to all reports of violations of GEPL’s rules and guidelines or related company policies or rules. Employees are urged to report any violations of this policy to the Business Office. A violation of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: June 21, 2010