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January 2017 Suggestions

644. What happened to the letters (sign) by the elevator? The replacement sign is really cheesy.
Someone pulled a letter off the wall and took it with them. We do not have any more letters to match. We will have new signage installed in that area when we renovate that department in 2018. So, we will use the temporary sign until the renovation.

645. We are so sad to see there is no golf this year. I hope you will bring it back next year. Maybe have it every other year if it is too much work.
It has been three years since we stopped holding the mini-golf game in the library. It is a great deal of work to put on the event and attendance dropped over the years. It or something else like it may occur at some point.

646. I just wanted to give a shout out gratefully for your wonderful clerk ___________who gave me terrific help and attention today!!
Thank you for the lovely compliment. This will be shared both with the employee and their supervisor.

647. I think that your policy on returns –- should have a grace period — like 5 days from the due date. Many libraries have this — GE is no exception giving us a break!
Although we do not offer the grace period you suggest — items can be renewed up to three times if there is no one waiting, email reminders are sent two days before the item is due, and we offer the option to renew by phone, online and via text.

648. We love your football helmet collection! We love to “play” football.
We are glad to hear you like one of the collections on display in the Youth Department.

649. How do we sign up to show a collection?
Just talk to the staff at the service desk in the Youth Department and they will be happy to explain how this process works.

650. Hi, I love studying here!
651. I enjoy studying in the safe environment of the library.
We are pleased to know you like the space.

652. Please put writing implements and paper and a writing surface by the search iPad. How can one do research if one can only get one book at a time? A valuable thing libraries can teach is attention and quiet.
The iPad stations are intended for quick lookups of one or two items. More in-depth research can be conducted at the area closer to the service desk marked catalog research. At that location, one can sit down, there is a counter on which to write and we provide both pencils and paper.

653. Please buy this book Reinvention Roadmap by Liz Ryan. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes magazine.
Thank you for the suggestion. We will order it right away.

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