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Thank you for your suggestions, comments and ideas for improvements. The library welcomes member feedback.

The mission of the Glen Ellyn Public Library is to serve the community as a vibrant center for information, learning and discovery.

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December 2016 Suggestions

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November 2016 Suggestions

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October 2016 Suggestions

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September 2016 Suggestions

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August 2016 Suggestions

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July 2016 Suggestions

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June 2016 Suggestions

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May 2016 Suggestions

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April 2016 Suggestions

593. Please extend the library hours on Friday.

Thank you for the suggestion. This idea is under consideration.

594. Signs for a line or something, seems someone always accidentally cuts.

Accidentally cutting in line also happened when we had ropes and signs creating a que for checkout. Staff offer to help the next person and we trust our members to approach the desk in the order in which they have arrived at the desk.

595. I LOVE IT!

Thank you!!

596. Some of the homeless people smell so bad it is a huge distraction and can trigger migraine headaches, very sad.

If at any time you are visiting the library and are disturbed by any type of odor, please alert staff immediately.

597. Bless ______ who tracks down the books I need! She called me on Friday, April 15th – the day you held an In-Service Day to let me know the book I needed had come in and I could pick it up on Saturday AM at 9. My hearing deadline was looming and I was feeling pressured. Thanks for the wonderful customer service your team provides….calm magic!!

So glad we were able to assist you. Your compliment will be shared with both the employee and their supervisor.

598. Glassdoor and other similar websites provide salary information for multiple jobs/careers. It would be great if GEPL could get a generic account on these sites so patrons could search privately. As it is requires one to create an account. This info. Is too sensitive in today’s environment. Especially for job seekers! Thanks.

Every job seeker has different information needs and uses a variety of job and career sites. We welcome you to contact one of our librarians to discuss your specific needs and we will assist you to find the information you are seeking with tools available through the library.

599. While happily reading Policies Required by Federal Law on COSA (Counsel of School Board Attorney) under Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act – Statute & Regulation I came across a strange squiggle. A strange but meaningful squiggle. Only our wonderful Reference Librarians would be able to use their computer and cell phone to decode it to SECTION. Thank you! Thanks You! Thank You! My friends all think our library is wonderful too.

We are happy to help!!

560. _______ downstairs is an excellent employee. Very knowledgeable when speaking, info is always correct for the item I’m looking for, very personable, courteous, acts like every day is a good day.

Your lovely compliment will be shared with the employee and their supervisor.

561. I heard Naperville Public Library have new how to sew classes. My family is interested in that class.

Thank you for expressing your interest. This is a program idea we have been considering.

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March 2016 Suggestions

582. Pretty good, thank you – I do not like it or love it, but I adore it!

Thank you for the lovely comment.

583. We visited the new youth department for the first time today – it’s FABULOUS! However, I found it very difficult to enjoy watching my daughter play from the only seat – that was available – the sofa facing the windows. Would it be possible to place that sofa in front of the window and put the chairs on each side so that everyone can keep their little ones in sight – Thanks for all you do!

So glad you like the new space. Yes, we had noticed the furniture you mention needed repositioned and have already done so.

584. This library brings me happiness and joy. It brings me a smile every day. Sometimes I use my intellect to stay. Library! Library! Proceed your fame.

Thank you.

585. Love the new design of the youth area – very functional!! I would suggest you add a hand sanitizer at the entrance/exit to the space.

Thank you – the hand sanitizer is a great idea!!

586. Having the Dyson airblade hand dryer in the family bathroom really scares my little kid. It really isn’t appropriate for little kids.

There is a different style Dyson airblade hand dryer in the first floor restrooms located by the meeting rooms if you would like to use those instead.

587. The parking lot drivers are terrible. Too fast, too many on cell phones, too many children walking freely. The lot needs speed bumps – no excuses about snow removal. Too many potential accidents!

We are investigating adding speed bumps.

588. I love it, especially the youth room, it brings me peace and I’m in the books.

We are happy you are enjoying the new space.

589. I have been working on my new computer @ the library. We are all blessed because our reference librarians are the Best! All of them! As I worked I observed how patient and knowledgeable they are to everyone – from all walks of life! This is a joy to behold. I use your excellent printer rather than maintaining one at home. My tax dollars at work! Many thanks to ____ and ____. Really they all deserve a positive comment for superior work! And work they do… constant questions and they provide consistent and constant patience. We patrons can be challenging. Thank you one and all!

Thank you for your lovely compliment! We strive to provide excellent customer service to all.

590. Quick service with a smile from _____ and _______ plus others at the reference desk. Recently they helped me track down an obscure legal resource book so that I can meet a legal issue deadline with EEOC/IL Human Rights Commission.

We are happy to help! Your compliment will be shared with both employees and their supervisors.

591. ________ is always so pleasant and helpful. My kids love coming to the library and she makes them feel very welcome. She also tells us about upcoming classes like 3D printing and finds us books we didn’t even ask for. Well done!!

Thank you for the compliment! It will be shared with the staff member and her supervisor.

592. Kudos to ____. He’s doing a wonderful job organizing book club books. He’s very responsive and goes the extra mile. Thanks!

Happy to hear you are enjoying the book club – book service. Your compliment will be shared with the staff person and his supervisor.

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February 2016 Suggestions

579. Dear Librarian – I have an idea I would like to share. I would like children to be able to have a comment card and write about the children’s books they like. I have read so many books I keep on wanting to comment on and let people know about. Thanks for all that you do.

Thank you very much for this great idea!! We are looking at ways that we can offer this opportunity to children who would like to participate.

580. ______ is excellent! She has amazing customer service skills. Every time I have come she is so helpful and always attentive my needs. More workers like _____ should be hired! She has a beautiful smile, warm personality and generous heart! _____ is the reason I choose to come to the Glen Ellyn Public library.

Thank you for the lovely compliment! It will be shared both with the staff member and her supervisor.

581. ______ is a good Librarian and good Reader’s Advisor!

We are pleased to hear you find this staff person to be helpful and informative. Your comment will be shared with the staff member and their supervisor.

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January 2016 Suggestions

572. Bags should be able to be checked out by the scanner near the children’s section. Moms check out lots of books and it takes away from the convenience by having to check out at front.

We like the idea. Unfortunately, the barcodes currently on the bags do not work well on the self-check scanner. We are investigating how to make this work.

573. My son and I are so impressed with the renovations. I decided to take him on my off day for some father/son time. The new toys, the old train, & open space to view books make me happy to have spend a few hours. Great reading and fun time. Congrats to you!

Thank you for the lovely compliment.

574. I love the new Children’s room! Can you please work out a fair system for using the youth study room? Some of the tutors spend much of the afternoon in there, even staying in by themselves to “hold” the room before kids come. It is difficult for others to get a turn. Thank You!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are developing a system.

575. The Library looks wonderful!! I respectfully suggest several hooks in the family restroom to hang purse or diaper bag. Also the hand blower blows into child’s face and scares some.

We will look into installing some hooks.

576. It looks so great!! Such a ton of work.

So glad you like it!

577. It is the first time I have come and it looks awesome!! I had an awesome feeling.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed spending time in the newly remodeled space.

578. Please purchase A New Season by Al and Lisa Robertson, Chasing Spirits by Nick Gross, and I am Haunted, Dark World and Darkness Optional by Zak Bagans.

We will consider these titles for purchase.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule and online. You may also contact us by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086