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572. Bags should be able to be checked out by the scanner near the children’s section. Moms check out lots of books and it takes away from the convenience by having to check out at front.

We like the idea. Unfortunately, the barcodes currently on the bags do not work well on the self-check scanner. We are investigating how to make this work.

573. My son and I are so impressed with the renovations. I decided to take him on my off day for some father/son time. The new toys, the old train, & open space to view books make me happy to have spend a few hours. Great reading and fun time. Congrats to you!

Thank you for the lovely compliment.

574. I love the new Children’s room! Can you please work out a fair system for using the youth study room? Some of the tutors spend much of the afternoon in there, even staying in by themselves to “hold” the room before kids come. It is difficult for others to get a turn. Thank You!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are developing a system.

575. The Library looks wonderful!! I respectfully suggest several hooks in the family restroom to hang purse or diaper bag. Also the hand blower blows into child’s face and scares some.

We will look into installing some hooks.

576. It looks so great!! Such a ton of work.

So glad you like it!

577. It is the first time I have come and it looks awesome!! I had an awesome feeling.

Very happy to hear you enjoyed spending time in the newly remodeled space.

578. Please purchase A New Season by Al and Lisa Robertson, Chasing Spirits by Nick Gross, and I am Haunted, Dark World and Darkness Optional by Zak Bagans.

We will consider these titles for purchase.

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Thank you for the suggestions. If you have more, please email with them. A library staff member will respond to all comments which include the correspondent’s contact information. Comments and responses are posted on the public bulletin board in the library vestibule and online. You may also contact us by mail, phone or fax at:

Glen Ellyn Public Library
400 Duane Street
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Phone: 469-0879
Fax: 469-1086