Meet the Artist

February Artist: Mike Hunnicutt

Meet the Artist: Sunday, February 19 from 2-3:30 pm

Mike Hunnicutt Chromatic Atmospheres

Though he always enjoyed art, it was not until after retirement that Mike Hunnicutt decided to pursue creating art himself and found that creating art brought a deeper appreciation of art and a sense of fulfillment. He does not use brushes; instead, he modifies construction tools to paint with, allowing him to speak his own language on a canvas. His most interesting moments in painting come when he allows the painting to dictate his next move.

Working exclusively in acrylic paint, Mike paints to create a sense of non-reality. Inspired to create something bright, his collection, Light Diversion, is meant to evoke a sense of joy.

Light Diversion will be on display through the end of the February.


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