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GEPL Kids: Gratitude

By: Amy Waters, School Liaison gratitude syllabification: grat·i·tude Pronunciation: /ˈɡradəˌt(y)o͞od/ Definition of gratitude in English: Noun – The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. From the Oxford English Dictionary Online This Thanksgiving is going to be a

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GEPL Teens: Teens Write – No Mythologies to Follow Review

By: Sabrina A., Teen Blogger You wake up at 5 a.m. and go to school. Finally, school is over at 2:35 p.m. but now you have to go to work. After a long day of school and work you find

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GEPL Teens: Meeting Authors

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian I’ve mentioned before that being a librarian, especially a teen librarian, occasionally comes with fun perks (like getting advanced reader copies of books!) And of course, there’s my favorite perk, of getting to hang out

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GEPL Kids: Snacktime Storytime

By: Emily Richardson, Youth Programming Associate I love food. Possibly more than reading. If I ever find myself on a sinking ship off the coast of a desserted island (pun intended), I probably would grab food, then books… then a

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GEPL Teens: The Hobbit Book to Movie Review

By: Elizabeth W., Teen Blogger Book to movie adaptations are usually pretty hit or miss. These movies often have to stand up to a large fan base that is strongly attached to everything about the original book. But of course

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GEPL Teens: What I Just Read – Rethinking Normal

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian I’ve been trying this year to read more non-fiction. Given that I normally read very little, I feel like I’m doing really well with a grand total of seven so far (but hopefully one or

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GEPL Kids: Reading to a Toddler

By: Kate Easley, Youth Home School Services Librarian Before I had kids, I would picture what it would be like to read to my children. I would sit in a sunlit room, my toddler cozily sitting on my lap, and

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GEPL Teens: Teens Write – Technology & Teenagers Take 5 (Technology and Education)

By: Jonathan A., Teen Blogger Today’s teenagers are surrounded by technology everywhere they look. With smartphones and tablets bringing the wondrous expanse of the Internet to their fingertips, teenagers’ brains are almost always being stimulated by a new video or article.

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GEPL Tweens: Sphero

By: Christina Keasler, Tween Librarian Have you looked at the sky lately? There’s been a lot going on. With the Northern Lights, lunar eclipses, and blood moons, we have had a lot of reasons to keep our eyes up at

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GEPL Teens: Adaptions

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian I recently heard about an exciting series of books, all written by different (often famous and high-profile) authors, that will all be retellings of Shakespeare plays. My first experience with Shakespeare (that I remember) was

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