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Tween Spotlight: Kyle Drexler

This is Kyle Drexler, an eighth grader at Hadley Middle School. A very busy kid, who still finds time to volunteer with the Middle School Volunteers program. In his spare time, he enjoys running, acting, singing, playing guitar, but most

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The Lightning Thief

What’s your first name and school?:  Mary from hadley What are you reviewing?: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan What did you review? : A book What did you like about it? : It has Greek mythology in it and a little mystery.

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Hurrah for Gamers!

Football isn’t the only “big game” around here. Test your gaming skills against the best in Glen Ellyn and sign up for our Super Smash Brothers competition! Participants will play Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the Wii for a chance

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Check out what’s NEW at GEPL!

You may have noticed we are now giving out 1-hour passes to use the computers. We are doing this so that more kids have a chance to use the computers. Simply ask us for a pass at the desk, or

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Tween Summer Reading Profile: Shikha

Shikha, 7th grader at Hadley Middle School Current Reading Hours: 115 This is Shikha Adhikari. Of course she likes to read, but she also enjoys writing and drawing. She mainly writes fantasies and poems. Her writing has been featured in

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Tween Profile: Brianna

Brianna: 6th Grader at Hadley Middle School Current Summer Reading Hours:110 Brianna, an incoming 6th grader at Hadley Middle School loves to read, paint and watch television. Her goal is to get an easel with a lot of nice paint.

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First Tween Reaches 100 Summer Reading Hours!

Dylan, 7th grader at Hadley Middle School Current Summer Reading Hours: 127 This is Dylan, the first tween to reach 100 hours! While waiting for school to start, Dylan likes to make gaming videos for YouTube, learn more about web

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Tween Profile: Cheyenne

    Cheyenne, 8th Grader at Glen Crest Middle School Current summer reading hours: 112 Meet Cheyenne. You might find her in one of her favorite places: 2Toots Train Whistle Grill, or the Yorktown Mall. She loves tacos and pizza.

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New SelfCheck Machine Added to Youth Department

For your convenience, a new SelfCheck machine has been added to the Youth Department! Now, GEPL members can gather materials and check them out immediately using the SelfCheck machine. Next time you visit the Youth Department, be sure to ask

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Marshmallow Engineering For Kids!

  Does your child like to build?  We have a program for that!  Children age 6-8 are invited to the Youth Department Thursday, July 17th from 4-4:30 for our Marshmallow Engineering program. Using mini marshmallows and toothpicks, children will be

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