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GEPL Teens: What I Just Read – Everything Everything

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian I usually try to read books that get a lot of buzz – in my job, if teens are reading and talking about it, I should probably know about it! This has mixed results for

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GEPL Kids: Cubs, Playoffs, World Series, Oh Yes!

By: Carolyn Wissmiller, Youth Programming Associate Summer of ’69. Great Bryan Adams’ song. And the best summer ever to spend at Wrigley Field! Because of a set of unique circumstances in 1969, I found myself occupying the Left Field Bleachers

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GEPL Teens: Learning a New Language

By: Britta J., Teen Blogger Verbal communication is the most prevalent form of communication in our civilization and yet we are somewhat prevented from communicating with a majority of the world due to language barriers. This is why so many

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GEPL Tweens: Conlangs

By: Christina Keasler, Tween Librarian Everyone has been busy lately, and I have been no exception to this. But instead of cross country and soccer practices, I have been promoting the 3D design competition and practicing for upcoming presentations. While

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GEPL Teens: On Fanfiction

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian As you probably know, especially if you are in any way a fan of Rainbow Rowell (or possibly Harry Potter,) Rowell’s newest novel, Carry On, came out this week – and yes, I pre-ordered it

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GEPL Kids: Graphic Novel Recommendations

By: Katy Almendinger, Youth Early Literacy Librarian Want to find something new to read? Stuck in a reading slump? Try a graphic novel! Graphic novels have tremendous kid appeal for both advanced and reluctant readers. And it’s not just because

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GEPL Teens: Year-Round School Take 3

By: Matt J., Teen Blogger Year round schools are going to be my topic this week. What I know about it is that it is self-explanatory. If you don’t understand, they are schools that last all year without having summer

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GEPL Teens: What I’m Reading Now – Sorcerer to the Crown

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian Believe it or not, I do on occasion read adult books, in addition to my usual YA lit. Weird, right? But sometimes, I come across truly great books that way, and it makes me happy

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GEPL Kids: Patch Club’s Design A Patch Contest

By: Melissa Hilt, Youth Department Assistant Director  Are you an artist? The creative type? I always wished that I could draw well, but the truth is that I can’t. Even my stick figures are a little on the sad side.

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GEPL Teens: Year-Round School Take 2

By: Carson M., Teen Blogger Note from Hannah: You may remember that in June, one of our bloggers discussed the concept of year-round school. Since then, several of our bloggers have considered the issue and written about their take on

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