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New Year, New Series Part 2

Welcome to part two of my “new year, new series” list!  By now you may be thinking I’m posting an awful lot of dystopia/fantasy/etc. kind of stuff, and it’s true.  There are three reasons for that.  One, I know a

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Secretary of State Jesse White to Present the Public Library Construction Act Grant to the GEPL

Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White will visit the Glen Ellyn Public Library at 2pm on Monday, January 13 to present Library Director Dawn Bussey and the Library Board of Trustees with the Illinois Public Library Construction

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Destination Added to Museum Adventure Pass

The Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art has been added to the list of participating museums for the museum adventure pass. People of all ages can enjoy the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art dedicated to sharing with others the beauty of

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New Year, New Series

It’s still early in this new year, with months and months of reading stretching out ahead of us.  And there are lots and lots of great new books coming out this year, which you’ll definitely be hearing about from me. 

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Bookish Surprises

          I read a lot of books reviews.  I also get a lot of book recommendations from people who know me well.  I know what genres I like and what authors I like.  So it’s rare for

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Teens Blog: What I’m Reading Now

This “What I’m Reading Now” is brought to you by the Morris Award nominations for best debut young adult book.  As it turns out, I haven’t read ANY of the books nominated, so I had lots to add to my

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Teens Blog: New Years Resolution

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  It’s always a bit of a let-down, getting to the new year only to find that it’s a lot like the year before, and still cold.  Plus I’ve never

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Teens Blog: Music Display

Once again, I’ve chosen a book display that in retrospect seems a little odd for me personally.  While I do have many musical loves, and many many years of piano lessons behind me, I am not what you would think

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Teens Blog: Winter Weather Reads

Winter is definitely here.  You already know I’m a big fan of the blanket/hot chocolate/book combo.  To make things even more perfect, I thought I would suggest a few wintery, snowy books to get you fully in the spirit.  Because

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Teens Blog: What I’m Reading Now: Little Brother

Once again, this edition of “what I’m reading now” is brought to you by long car rides and books on CD. What I’m Reading Now: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow What’s It About (Jacket Description): Marcus, a.k.a “w1n5t0n,” is only

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