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GEPL Teens: Fall Books

By: Hannah Rapp, GEPL Teen Librarian School is back in full swing, the leaves are turning color, and the pumpkin spice (and attendant memes) are back in our coffees (and on our screens). Even if it makes me cliché, I

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GEPL Kids: Libraries Celebrate Banned Books Week By Helping You Exercise Your Freedom to Read!

By: Amy Waters, GEPL Youth Department’s School Liaison What do Junie B. Jones, Harry Potter, Captain Underpants and The Giver have in common? All these, and more, have been banned or challenged. What’s the big deal about banning books? A ban

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GEPL Teens: Year-Round School Take 1

By: Roy M., Teen Blogger Note from Hannah: You may remember that in June, one of our bloggers discussed the concept of year-round school. Since then, several of our bloggers have considered the issue and written about their take on

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GEPL Teens: The Humiliations Are Almost Complete

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian As you’ve heard (over and over) from me, from other librarians, and recently, from the Daily Herald, the Glen Ellyn library community surpassed this summer’s reading goals! Teen readers were a huge part of that,

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GEPL Kids: Technology and Kids – 3D Art

By: Christina Keasler, GEPL Middle School Librarian There has probably been a time where a child has out-teched you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – it’s happened to everyone. Kids live in such a digital world these days. They

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GEPL Teens: Teens Write – Book to Movie Adaptations

By: Justin A., Teen Blogger There are some pretty great book to movie adaptations out there. In the year 2014 along there were many books turned into movies. Some of these were, Carrie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gone Girl, Enders

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GEPL Tweens: 3D Printing

By: Christina Keasler, Tween Librarian We’ve had our 3D printer for a couple years now. We’ve seen some awesome prints, and some abominable clogs. Eugene (that’s our printer’s name) and I have visited Hadley and Glen Crest multiple times and

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GEPL Teens: Late to the Game

By: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian As a teen librarian, I do my best to read a lot of young adult literature. It’s not only part of my job, but a huge part of why I love being a teen librarian.

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GEPL Kids: Family Fun Time

By: Kate Easley What’s your favorite part of being a youth librarian Miss Kate? There are so many fun parts, but I love doing the weekly Family Storytime. It’s so great to see moms, dads, grandparents, big siblings, and babysitters

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GEPL Teens: Teens Review – The Pixar Touch

By: Matt J., Teen Blogger I read a book not too long ago called “The Pixar Touch”, based on the titular company. It talks about the history of Pixar Animation Studios and how they went from a low level group

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