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A Different Pond by Bao Phi

Who Tells Your Story?

Posted: February 22, 2018
By: Amy Waters, School Liaison

In her powerful TED Talk, the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talks about the danger of a reading only a single story about a person or place. In particular, she mentions how vulnerable and impressionable children are when they read stories. As a young girl, she loved to read foreign tales, but never seeing herself reflected

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Picture of what a page in a bullet journal looks like.

Dear Diary

Posted: February 15, 2018
By: Katy Almendinger, Early Literacy Librarian

Are you ever overwhelmed by all the events you have planned or the tasks you need to complete, but you don’t want to be tied to a traditional calendar? Enter the bullet journal, or bujo for short. It’s basically a hybrid diary, planner, and to-do list housed in one completely customizable notebook. Bullet journals are

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The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Middle School Reviews: The Wild Robot by

Posted: February 13, 2018

What’s your name?: Emily  What school do you attend?: Glen Crest Middle School What grade are you in school?: 6th grade What are you reviewing?: A book What’s the title of what you are reviewing?: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown Did you like it?: Definitely! I loved the concept about putting something man-made and emotionless in an opposite world

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Picture of GEPL Youth Department from Youth Entrance.

How GEPL Serves Kids of All Abilities

Posted: February 12, 2018
By: Katy Almendinger, Early Literacy Librarian

Libraries are more accessible than ever before. The Glen Ellyn Public Library offers innovative programs, services, and materials to make the library a friendly place for individuals of all abilities. Adaptable resources are beneficial to the entire community because they ensure that everyone can utilize the same spaces and services equally, regardless of physical, intellectual,

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Little Dog, Lost by Marion Dane Bauer

Free-Verse Poetry for Children

Posted: February 8, 2018
By: Stephanie Rivera, Youth Department Director

Poetry has always been my favorite type of writing, both as a child and as an adult. This type of writing forces the author to be intentional in their choice of words, which can create a powerful statement. Poets use words to show rather than tell. For example, instead of writing “I was so mad!”

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A young girl alone playing the guitar.

Sing Your Heart Out

Posted: February 2, 2018
By: Josh O'Shea, Young Adult Librarian

Some of us sing and want no one to ever, ever — not in a million years — hear us. Dogs start howling. Cats scream and run. Chickens cluck like they’re possessed. Nearby babies wail. Fish swim deeper. Sounds terrible, eh? (Pun intended!) But what happens to us when we sing is, well, oh so

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Young boy playing at the light table in the Youth Department.

The Importance of Play

Posted: February 1, 2018
By: Cristina Bueno, Youth Associate

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” – George Dorsey We all know our children love to play, whether it’s with blocks, dolls, trains, puzzles, balls, etc. What we don’t often think about is just how important play really is. Playing is not just a way to occupy time or beat boredom but is an opportunity

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Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Middle School Reviews: Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Posted: January 30, 2018

What’s your name?: Ella  What school do you attend?: Glen Crest Middle School What grade are you in school?: 6th grade What are you reviewing?: A book What’s the title of what you are reviewing?: Eragon Did you like it?: This book is a story that has inspired and stuck with me from the second it began. Christopher

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Tiles with different types of ability symbols on them.

Accessibility and the Library

Posted: January 29, 2018
By: Kim Lashbrook, Marketing and Graphics Production Clerk

Making the Library Accessible to People of All Abilities Libraries play an important role in making books, technology, and services universally accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including those who may have visual or hearing impairments, or who have sensory issues or other challenges. With increasing reliance on digital technology, it is

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The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis

Page to Screen

Posted: January 25, 2018
By: Kelly Mahoney, Youth Associate

It’s always fun when a great book is turned into a movie. It’s exciting to see your favorite characters come to life on the big screen. But it can be a little disappointing if your favorite part of the book is left out, or something in the movie doesn’t look quite the way you imagined

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