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GEPL Tweens: Tween Music Review – Taylor Swift


What’s your first name and school?: Teagan St. Petronille

What are you reviewing?: Taylor Swift

What did you review?: Music

What did you like about it?: The thing I like about Taylor Swift’s music is that she is open minded and has many different styles of music. Taylor Swift has anything from country to pop. Some of her music is about her best friends or break ups. Taylor Swift is a great way to express yourself. I love having dance parties with her music playing or just walking down the street Taylor is always there please check out her music and also Taylor Swift’s music video Blank Space and Katy Perry’s music video Dark Horse id competing for the most views after a minute your view counts please go watch Taylor’s Blank Space over and over again and jam out with your friends.

Who would like this?: Anybody ever.

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it?: BEST MUSIC EVER!!!!!!

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GEPL Tweens: Tween Book Review – The Red Kayak


What’s your first name and school?: Teagan St. Petronille

What are you reviewing?: The Red Kayak

What did you review?: A book

What did you like about it?: The book I am reviewing is The Red Kayak. The thing I like about The Red Kayak is the story plot it is full of action and a great reading option for kids ages 10+ please read this book thanks.

Who would like this?: Ages 10+.

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it?: 10/10. Best book ever.

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GEPL Kids: America’s Story for Kids

By: Sia Paganis, Youth Programming Associate

The Fourth of July is such an iconic celebration of America with fireworks and parades, sometimes kids forget the history behind the hoopla. I am a middle school teacher and I had to prompt a group of students to recall the date of our country’s independence. As adults, we take our common history knowledge for granted. Kids, however, may not know as much about United States history as we assume.

So why not have the kids read some great reads about American history this summer?

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GEPL Teens: Teens Write – Technology & Teenagers

Teens Blog BannerBy: Ashley M., Teen Blogger

Blog Entry 161 - ImageMany adults say that teens are way too involved with their phones. Rather than socializing the old fashion way, you know – talking to each other in person, instead they are staring at a screen and typing. I agree with this 100%. I think that it is very important to put your phone down and talk to the people around you sometimes.

There are many ways to avoid using your technology, and actually communicate with each other. I work at a summer camp, and there is a rule that we never have our phones around the campers. I think this is extremely smart. Camp is all about working together and focusing on having old fashioned fun. Enjoying each other’s company and living in the moment. If phones were permitted, I understand you could take pictures of the cool activities you are partaking in, but the moment would be lost. You would be focused on the perfect lighting of your picture rather than the memory and amazing opportunity you are a part of. I remember one of my volleyball coaches would always have us put our phones in a pile, and whoever grabbed their phone first had to buy us all ice cream. This forced us to talk and actually get to know each other. This event created a much closer and fun team to be a part of. I tried to have my current team try this. I knew it would bring us closer and we would have less distractions but, no one was up to the challenge. One of my teammates said, “I can’t be without my phone”. That hit me hard, I couldn’t understand how badly she needed her phone and quite frankly I realized how scared I am for future generations, and their forms of technology.

If teenagers and even young children are overcome with their technology and constantly being distracted, human beings will lose the one ability that sets us apart. That ability is our communication. Family dinners will be silent, friends will hang out but only remain on their phones, and schools will consist of distracted students. I hope that someone can find a way to communicate the importance of one on one communication. I myself will try to remember the importance of putting the phone down and living in the moment. I hope that you will do the same. :)

-Ashley M.

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GEPL Tweens: Funny Outfits Week


By: Christina Keasler, Tween Librarian

Hi middle schoolers!

The Nerf war was a success. Sure, there was blood, sweat and tears shed that night, but we had 25 middle schoolers, over 200 darts, and a LOT of pizza all adding up to a great night. As promised, high school and middle school attendees had their chance to shoot at Hannah and me. Keep your eyes peeled for a video in the near future.

The high schoolers and middle schoolers have officially unlocked the first and second tier! Let’s keep this going!

Christina's Funny Outfit For MondayMonday

Today, I wore a simple black dress with a crazy magenta wig – just in case Hannah forgot to dress weird. That way, I can de-wig and save face. While it was simple, I didn’t think this completely through. There were SO many kids that were scared of my magenta hair. I might have traumatized a few kids for life. I was at the reference desk and kids would look at me, change directions and ask the other librarian. There were adults that had a judge-y face when asking me questions. Some of the older kids didn’t want to say anything rude, but others didn’t hesitate before bursting into laughter. Some of the library staff members thought that it was my natural hair – although most of those reactions were positive. I wore an extra name tag that said “Ask me: ‘Why are you wearing that funny outfit?’” and that helped a bit. I’m a little nervous to be doing this from home tomorrow!
Christina's Funny Outfit For Tuesday


Today was kind of a cheat. I didn’t go out too much since I wasn’t at work. I wore a Forever Lazy – one of those as-seen-on-TV snuggie competitor. The main thing that I did outside was drop my sister off at the airport. People weren’t really focusing on me, but I didn’t have my “Ask Me” nametag to rely on. My sister couldn’t get over it though. She couldn’t really take me seriously looking like a blueberry with legs.

Christina's Funny Outfit For WednesdayWednesday

Hannah and I decided to make Wednesday 80s day. I was planning on going as an 80s rocker, but my giant leopard dress was still damp in the dryer. Returning Friday? My hair doesn’t really crimp, but I put it in a top-side ponytail. I had to change tactics and wear an 80s-inspired suit jacket complete with shoulder pads, and an entirely pink outfit underneath. Again, no one was paying attention to my nametag and just assuming that I dress like this. I got a few weird looks, and a few middle schoolers who knew me started laughing as soon as they saw me. I even had the stab of betrayal as the only 80s thing Hannah really wore was a scrunchie. Could someone remove the knife in my back please?

Christina's Funny Outfit For ThursdayThursday

Today was kind of laid back compared to Wednesday. Hannah and I decided it would be Christmas in July, and with this chilly weather, it nearly felt like it! Some staff members blamed our outfits as the reason they had to wear a jacket outside. I wore reddish pants and an awesome dinosaur cross-stitch inspired Christmas t-shirt. I was pretty comfy. Unfortunately, I think this outfit was casual enough that people probably just assumed that I am ignorant enough to wear red and green together normally.

Christina's Funny Outfit For FridayFriday

My vacation starts today! But that doesn’t mean I’m off the hook for my last day of the silly outfit challenge. I decided to return to the leopard dress that evaded me on Tuesday. Again, I didn’t go out much, but I couldn’t get away from GEPL. Logan and I went to the baby storytime. I got a few looks from other parents, and I kept stepping on my dress when scrambling to catch the baby. The worst part is that I didn’t have my beloved “Ask Me” name tag for any excuse. I was just pure weirdo. I had to get ready for our road trip by packing, cleaning my house, and weeding my garden when I got back. I must say, I looked a little strange dressed in leopard print crouching in bushes. It must have looked like I actually thought I was a wild cat.

What a week! Thanks for the opportunity to embarrass myself, readers. I look forward to the next challenge!

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GEPL Teens: Week of Goofy Outfits

Teens Blog BannerBy: Hannah Rapp, Teen Librarian

If you’ve seen me at the library this week, you may have noticed some strange sartorial choices going on.  That’s because you guys have once again hit a tier of your reading goals (you average over 2 books per person!) for summer reading, which meant that Christina and I spent all week answering awkward questions from patrons because of our goofy outfits.  Next up, we try not to fall to our knee-skinning doom in a three legged race around the parking lot – if you or the tweens read enough.

In case you missed any or all of these ensembles, here’s my week of goofy outfits!

On Monday, I went old-school nerd style, thanks to a shirt stolen from my grandfather’s wardrobe (seriously – this was his shirt!)

Hannah Monday

On Tuesday, it was a throwback to 90s grunge (and the comfiest outfit of the week – those Nirvana fans were on to something!)

Hannah Tuesday

Wednesday, Christina and I coordinated to rock some 80s style.  Unlike the flannel, a side ponytail is a trend that’s not for me, I think!

Hannah Wednesday

Yesterday we showed off what’s usually a favorite every December, our cheesy Christmas sweaters!  I managed to rep my favorite sports team as well, which was a bonus.

Hannah Thursday

And today I’m on the road for a family vacation, but I didn’t want to let you down or renege on any promises, so I’m rocking the road trip in this beauteous outfit!

Hannah Friday

So there you have it – one more round of embarrassment as a bribe to get you guys to read.  And there’s more coming, so keep reading, and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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GEPL Tweens: Tween Book Review – The Future of Us


What’s your first name and school?: Teagan St. Petronille

What are you reviewing?: The Future of Us

What did you review?: A book

What did you like about it?: The Future of Us is a great book for 13+ its about a girl who gets a computer with Facebook on it (Facebook wasn’t invented yet) and her and the boy across the street see themselves fifteen years in the future they figure out the future is a delicate thing and cant be messed with. Once Emma (the girl) sees that she has a bad future she changes it and finds herself a whole new future then the one she was supposed to have read this book and find out what happens.

Who would like this?: All ages.

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it?: Best ever.

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GEPL Tweens: Tween Book Review – Dork Diaries


What’s your first name and school?: Teagan St. Petronille

What are you reviewing?: Dork Diaries

What did you review?: A book

What did you like about it?: Dork Diaries is a book about a girl named Niki who is a dork. She rights about everything that goes on in her life witch can be pretty funny, sad, miserable or even embarrassing Niki has a little sister named Brianna who drives Niki insane her dad a bug exterminator and a normal house hold mom these books are good for all ages so please read this series and gain hours on the library reading program.

Who would like this?: All ages.

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it?: Best ever.

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GEPL Tweens: Tween Book Review – Mockingjay


MockingjayWhat’s your first name and school?: Bryanna, Hadley Jr. High

What are you reviewing?: Mockingjay

What did you review?: Book

What did you like about it?: I liked how in the end everything turned out alright. I also like the fact that the author was not afraid to kill supporting characters off. The story line was breathtaking and it will definitely leave your heart in pieces.

Who would like this?: Anyone who likes dystopian novels.

On a scale from yuck to best ever, how much did you like it?: Best, EVER.

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GEPL Kids: Beach Reads

By: Kate Easley, GEPL Youth Librarian

The Mystery of the Graveyard of the AtlanticNext week I will be visiting the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. I am excited to sit on the beach, swim in the pool, and bask in the sun. I will also be reading! Whenever I travel I love to bring books set in the place I’m visiting. For this trip I might bring along The Mystery of the Graveyard of the Atlantic. This book is part of the Carole Marsh mystery series where each book is set in a different, fascinating location.

The Mystery of the Wild PoniesI could also bring along The Mystery of the Wild Ponies, #77 in The Boxcar Children books. While visiting the Outer Banks the Alden family hears of a mysterious horse that may just be a ghost!

Of course, good beach reads are not limited to the Outer Banks. Some other great beach reads include:

Wherever you find yourself this summer, be sure to pack a book!

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