Contact Library Staff

Call the Library’s main number, 630-469-0879, then choose the appropriate extension.

Administration | Adult Department | Youth Department | Circulation | Materials Processing Department


Director, Dawn Bussey: ext. 6760 – Email Dawn

Business Manager, Maria Tachna: ext. 6761 – Email Maria

Marketing Coordinator, Stephanie Blackwell: ext. 6789 – Email Stephanie

Graphics Associate, Kathy Hollahan: ext. 6757 – Email Kathy

Information Technology Manager, Joe Halter: ext. 6764 – Email Joe

Automation Coordinator, Sharon Bannister: ext. 6763 – Email Sharon

Adult Department

Adult Department Director, Susan DeRonne: ext. 6743 – Email Susan

Adult Programming Librarian, Amy Franco: ext. 6747 – Email Amy

Young Adult Librarian, Hannah Rapp: ext. 6748 – Email Hannah

Instruction Librarian and Business Liaison, Ian Lashbrook: ext. 6750 – Email Ian

Outreach Librarian, Sarah Kleiva: ext. 6745 – Email Sarah

Readers Advisory Librarian, Alex Herzberg: ext. 6749 – Email Alex

Youth Department

Youth Department Director, Renee Grassi: ext. 6733 – Email Renee

Youth Assistant Director, Melissa Hilt: ext. 6734 – Email Melissa

Middle School Librarian, Christina Keasler: ext 6736 – Email Christina

School Liaison, Amy Waters: ext. 6737 – Email Amy

Early Literacy Librarian – PreSchool Services, Catherine Almendinger: ext. 6739 – Email Catherine

Youth Librarian – Homeschool Services, Kate Easley: ext. 6787 – Email Kate

Circulation Department

Circulation Department Director, Carrie Jeffries: ext. 6725 – Email Carrie

Circulation Assistant Department Director, Lee Birnbaum: ext. 6726 – Email Lee

Meeting Room Coordinator, Celene Arras: ext. 6727,  – Email Celene

Materials Processing Department

Materials Processing Department Director, Jamie Simmons: ext. 6752 – Email Jamie


Glen Ellyn Public Library Organizational Chart