Access Wireless Internet at the Library?

We offer WiFi access to patrons and guests who bring their own equipment. Some things to note:

Availability during business hours

Monday-Thursday 9:00-8:55
Saturday-Friday 9:00-4:55
Sundays 1:00-4:55

Free – users provide their own equipment.

Internet Access
Guests agree to our Library Internet policy. Full Internet access is available to Glen Ellyn Card holders in the Internet room and to Guests at the walk up station.

Logging On
Our Access Point is called ge_wifi, snag it and then open a browser.

Laptop Settings
To access the network you should have your TCP/IP set to obtain an IP address automatically and obtain a DNS server automatically. To check the settings: in the lower right hand corner right click on the network icon and go to properties. Click on TCP/IP to highlight the line. Then click on properties.

Note to AOL users or modem users. If you click on the Internet Explorer Browser and it automatically goes to the AOL browser, please do the following: Open the IE Browser. Click on Tools, Internet Options and click on the connections tab. Change the radio button to “Dial whenever a network connection is not present.” Next, click in the Local Area Network (LAN) settings and check “automatically detect settings.” If you would like to access your AOL email go to


It is possible to send a print job to the library from a laptop inside and outside of the library. Click on this link

1. Choose Printer:
  • Color Printer: $.50 per page
  • BW Printer: $.10 per page
2. User Info
Enter your 14 digit library or guest card number (starts 21322…)


3. Select Document
Browse for the document you wish to print and click Open to attach it.


4. Follow the instructions until you see Document Status “your request has been processed.”
Print jobs will remain available for 24 hours.

Tech Talk – Our access point is 802.11g 2.4 GHz, 54-Mbps ((Mbps is a data transfer rate of Mega (million) bits per second.)) It is backward compatible with 802.11b which means the good news is that “b” devices will talk with “g” stuff and vice versa. It supports up to 253 simultaneous users at speeds up to 54 Mbps at distances up to 100 meters (328 feet.) Reality check: the farther away from the access point, the slower the packets move; the more people on the network, the slower the packet movement. Also the type of media in the packet affects the speed.

Security – The Internet is a public network. Be aware that information sent from your laptop can be intercepted by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software. Transmitting any personal information such as passwords, credit card or Social Security numbers while using any wireless “hotspot” including the Library’s, is not recommended. If you choose to send personal information make use you are connected to a Web site that encrypts data using Secure Socket Layering (SSL).

Virus and security protection is the responsibility of the patron.

Technical support from Library Staff – Library Staff is unable to assist with setting up wireless Internet on your computer; you are responsible for the set up or modification or troubleshooting of your own equipment.