Glen Ellyn Public Library Meeting Room Agreement

Due to the Youth Department renovation, the library’s meeting rooms will be unavailable
for reservations August 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015 .



January 15 for March, April & May

April 15 for June, July & August

July 15 for September, October and November

October 15 for December, January and February


To ensure the best possible experience for your group, please read the following statements for which you will be responsible:

  1. I agree to communicate all pertinent meeting room rules and room arrangement decisions to all speakers, performers, members etc. who will be assisting with the program or meeting, as any additional requests or changes cannot be made within 24 hours of the reservation date.
  2. I agree that by completing this application I will be held responsible for insuring that any oral or written promotions of the meeting will include a special accommodation for the disabled. A phrase such as “individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this program and who require certain accommodations in order to observe and/or participate in the program are requested to contact (insert group member’s name) by calling phone number (insert your group member’s phone number), at least 5 days prior to the program so that reasonable accommodations can be made” should be included in all publicity. I understand my organization is responsible for arranging and funding the requested special accommodation.
  3. I agree that any promotions will include a disclaimer stating that the meeting(s) are not Library sponsored and all inquiries should be directed to my organization.
  4. I understand that my group or organization may use the meeting room a maximum of twelve times per calendar year.
  5. I understand that no sales are permitted in the meeting room and that the Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials or any personal possessions owned or leased by those sponsoring or attending the meeting.
  6. I agree to pay any meeting room fees at the time of room reservation as stated in the Glen Ellyn Public Library Meeting Room Policy.
  7. I understand that the availability of any equipment is subject to library priority use and its being in operating condition on the requested date. If any machine is unavailable on the requested date due to repairs or other reasons you will be informed prior to the requested date.
  8. I agree to pay any additional cleanup costs if the room is left excessively littered or for damages incurred to the premises and/or for the repair or replacement of any equipment damaged resulting from its use at the above described meeting(s).
  9. I understand that due to liability and insurance regulations, all meetings must conclude no less than 15 minutes prior to library closing; the room must be cleared and all attendees must have exited the premises by library closing, or an additional charge of $25 will be assessed.
  10. I agree to indemnify and save harmless the Glen Ellyn Public Library for any and all damages that occur to the Library building, grounds, furniture, furnishings or equipment resulting from this use of such meeting room.
  11. I have read the Glen Ellyn Public Library Meeting Room Policy and agree to comply with all regulations. I understand that failure to comply with such regulations may result in termination of the right to use the Library meeting room facilities.
Fees for use
Not for profit groups
For profit groups
Rooms A & B
GE Cardholder
GE Business cardholder

Payment for Meeting Room fees can be made using the Glen Ellyn Public Library’s E-PAY page.

Applications for meeting rooms are accepted through the Room Request page of the Library calendar.  Once on that page,

  • Choose your room under SELECTION.  Be sure to click “Refresh”
  • Choose your date under DATE SELECTION.  Click the underlined number of the day you want.
  • On the next page, click the times you need by checking the boxes under “Select.”
  • Continue to “Room Request Contact Information.”   Fill out this page completely, then click “Verify Request” at the bottom of the page.

By continuing to the Online Room Reservation Page, I agree to the terms and conditions of the Glen Ellyn Public Library Meeting Room Agreement.